A Very High ISO New year

  Geared with the knowledge I gathered in my last experiment, Pushing Tri X Type Film to ISO 25600, I decided to try it out in the real world. All i can say is I shot them at a very high ISO, with Tri X (starting from the first shot) and TMax 400 (Starting with the cheese plate photos). I will explain the method of madness after the photos.

  • Everything was shot by a Minolta x700 and a PF Rokkor 50 1.4
  • Tri X was set to ISO 4800 but AE Lock away from the lights when I can. Xtol Stock Rotary 20C 20 Minutes.
  • TMAX 400 was set to ISO 3200 but again, AE lock away from lights where possible. Xtol 1+1 Rotary 20C 20 Minutes.
  • Because of the way it was shot and the way it was developed, I am not sure what ISO it really but and I really don’t care, all I care is how they turned out.
  • At these very high ISO the quality might not be the best, but it does have a very nice feel to it, other than that, it captured some shots otherwise not possible on regular ISO handheld.
  • Make sure you expose your High Light correctly or you would not get any shadow.

This came to my mail box this morning.

Ron Galella Autograph

Ron Galella Autograph

  Ron Galella put up a post the other day said leave me your mailing address and you’ll get a new year surprise. A large envelope with the return address Ron Galella came in my mail box this morning. Inside were two “promo cards”. I was somewhat disappointed he didn’t send me his new book Jackie My Obsession,  however it wouldn’t make much sense to give a away a $400 dollars book – You may say I’m a dreamer, but I’m most certainly not the only one. Upon closer inspection his signed both of the cards and one even with my name on it!! That is just as good as the book, the fact that he took his time to write on it for me! Its not stamped I assure you.

  I am very grateful that “big shots” like him keeping it real and take his time to make the “little ones” like us feel special. I am debating I should put this right next to my Nikkormat(s) (as he shots lots of the Jackie shots on Nikkormat(s) ), but it’s probably safer to put it back in the envelope so it wouldn’t fade. What do you think?

Thanks Mr. Galella!

A special thanks to my readers for the kindness that you all have shown me. Wish you all have a happy new year, but most importantly, happy shooting and blogging. Cheers.

19 thoughts on “A Very High ISO New year

  1. I have two X700s and both of them have the dreaded locked-winder syndrome. Argh!

    Seems like you lit the subjects right and let the rest be shadowy, which draws the eye to the subject but creates a mysterious, maybe melancholy feel.

  2. I’ve shot 400TX@1600 as well without any problems. All one needs to be careful is to really get the shadows right and not to underexpose. At least if scanning and then working digitally. There was no way lifting the shadows in Photoshop without getting very grainy quickly.

    And it got some really nice, smooth skin tones with it that way!

  3. Love the shots and really appreciate you take the time to write something too. Also, the gallery/mosaic slideshow is so good for viewing a collection like this; I wish some of the photographers who either post single pic a dozen times a day or make us scroll down to hell would learn it.

    • I can’t argue with you more, since some of the people I follow ( no offense ) post single photos a dozen time aday. At first when I started blogging, I did singles since I just don’t have that much semi interesting stuff. However later on I like to do what I am doing now, the more the merrier. However I don’t feel that most people will be patiently enough to browse through all of my photos in a single post (correct me if I am wrong guys ) . I don’t know, I thinking posting one photo a time (but 5 times a day) will get you more exposure, but in a way, it’s just spamming my feed.

      I’m very glad you like my writings bout the photos. I am not too good of a writer and I also think a lot of times I talk too much! So thank you letting me know that someone reads the words too!

  4. Thank you for sharing all this information because not only are the results fabulous but they are also inspiring. I used to develop my own pictures 30+ years ago and am planning on doing it again very soon. I will be visiting regularly.

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