Winter Wonderland 2013

This blog post is made possible by my friend Jim at

I’ve loaded my EXA with Tri X for about 3 – 4 weeks, but never been able to finish it. Who knows I can finish it all in one day, plus another roll in another camera, after the snow storm.

The other camera is my newly refurbished Agfa Super Silette with the 45mm f3.5 3 element Apotar. Never guessed the Apotar would be that sharp in the right light. See for yourself! (Look at captions to see which camera I shot with) Also look at the beautiful pattern made by the film gate on the edge of the frames.

By the way, the camera giveaway is still going on, please read my previous blog post Giving Back To My Readers.

11 thoughts on “Winter Wonderland 2013

  1. I remember you commenting that the Exa was your favourite camera when I ‘talked’ about mine. Now I can see why – I’d never have thought of using it for ‘action photography’ but you’ve proved you can. I’ve just bought some Acros to try for the first time and having seen your shots I’m really looking forward to giving it a go. How did you develop it?

    • I developed my Acros in Xtol 1+2 – Rotary. However if you do it by hand I am sure it will be the same, or probably even better. If you need the time I can look it up for you from my files. Cheers!

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