Faburary Black And White Post

This week’s blog post made possible by Roger at http://grumpytykepix.wordpress.com

So the lady picked out the camera I used last week. The original Konica Autoreflex T. I armed it with the 55 1.4 and the 40 1.8 with some filters, and obviously Tri X, but I think I am running real low with that stuff.

Happy Shooting!

13 thoughts on “Faburary Black And White Post

  1. sweet!
    i would luv to hv a konica autoreflex t with 40 1.8… the autoreflex looks so nice and 40mm is my normal! 😀 i wonder if it would feel funny though…?? all metal body vs plastic lens??
    abt the E-P1… becoz it’s cheap! i can probably play with it for 1/2 yr then sell it for the same price hehe

    • All Hexanon AR lens are metal.

      I am disappointed in you with the EP1m you were making such great progress with film, now the EP1 will set you back 10 years.

      • well isn’t the 40 1.8 newer and not as metallic? (i hv a thing towards lenses with metal focusing ring…. yummy….)
        abt the E-P1… well… it’s a fun camera… but of coz it feels like crap compared to even my crappy petri’s hehe… sorry to disappoint u though… 😦
        btw r u still looking for cheap FE’s??

  2. :O i always thought the 40 1.8 has plastic aperture ring and stuff… i guess now i really need to grab one hehe
    hmmm i hv two EL2’s… but they’re both chrome… haha
    i forgot… u looking for ai or non-ai?
    btw u know hwo to fix a pentax s3?
    i got one in which the fast shutters r f-ed up…. 2nd curtain closes way too soon

    • You have two EL2 eh? Yeah chrome I want black but I guess depends on the price :). 50 1.4? AI NAI doesn’t matter.

      Pentax S3, i remember the day you got it. Fast speed has more to do with the spring, however a CLA might fix it and It’s either the 2nd curtain closes too soon or the 1st opens too slow. Doesn’t sound like it has a broken part but we never know. If it needs intensive care be prepare the vinyl will have to come off. Funny enough I got some extra M42 lens, let me know if you need any, for sure i got a spare 135 and 28 (nothing too fancy but shoots good). And an ENNA 200 😀

  3. Hi Derek. Thanks for the acknowledgement though it wasn’t necessary. I’m not expert enough to deduce which filter(s) you used where. Good to see a super illustration of differential focus after my post about the need to use wide-aperture ‘classic’ lenses on digital. I also really like the shot of the ‘violinist’; I’m trying to work out how I can make some shots at a string quartet concert I hope to go to soon; I guess even the legendary ‘quiet’ shutter of the Leica would be too much (and one is way beyond my pocket anyway!); it might have to be digital, with all the sound turned off, but with a ‘classic’ long lens.

    • I know it wasn’t necessary, but I consider you my blog buddy now, hard enough to just find someone to interact more than “nice shots”. Besides, I have no problem trying to connect people to other analogue photographers, we gotta stick together.

      The shot “violinst” is one of my favorite from that roll too, when I saw it i said “FINALLY, a good shot of her playing the violin”. I tried it many times before. That shot was shot by a 40mm lens.

      About the concert, so i take it literally you are taking photos of 4 musicians. That depends how big the venue is. Last time i shot a full orchestra, I was able to have the 2nd level all by myself. Needless to say the full orchestra should be louder than the quartet (unless they are amplified), but when I was doing that I still try to move and walk quietly so I don’t disturb the people below. I was using a DSLR and a 180mm f2.8 manual focus lens. My friend said he can not hear my shutter from the stage even when they were resting.
      Here’s what I think, if you are in a smaller venue with no amplification, the only thing I can think of is something with a leaf shutter and get up close, other than that any SLR (preferably with no motor advance) with a manual focus lens should do the trick. I glanced at what equipment you got again, you shouldn’t have a problem finding ones that fits the criteria.

      I am looking forward for this photos!

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