Silver Gelatin Prints March 2013

  It’s a special occasion for me to set up my dark room and try and print 2 photos the best I can . My friend has the grand opening next Friday for the Darkroom at Division 9 Gallery in Riverside California and wanted one of my print on the gallery wall. I don’t think i ever spent so much time printing 2 photos before, roughly 2 and a half hours. So far I am 92% happy with the prints. FYI for me to say 100% is pretty much impossible.  I never had any luck scanning prints, however the following are “acceptable”, obviously the real print will look a lot better. What do you think of them?

Film - 931Miss Lisa’s #7. Apparently 7th is the charm. I like this photo a lot, it makes me happy.
This is the print that I will be sending out.

Film - 932Old Lady at Lewis’s Farm #3. Always like this one because of the eye contacts.

Film - 933This one is just a quick print. Railroad #1 , I did this one last before I clean up just because. It turned out alright but if as gonna print it there’s gonna be more tweaking.

If for any reason you would like to know……

  • All photos printed with Omega B66, Rodagon 50 f2.8, Dektol on Ilford MG-III RC 8×10
  • Photo #1 Minolta 700 PF Rokkor 55 1.4 Tri X.
  • Photo #2 Exakta VX Zeiss Jena Pancolar 50 f2 Tri X
  • Photo #3 Yashica Lynx 5000E 45mm Yashinon f1.8 Tri X.

12 thoughts on “Silver Gelatin Prints March 2013

    • Lol, why everyone loves that shot so much. I know its a good shot but everyone keep mentioning it. Thanks for the comment bud! Maybe I should!

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