March 12 2013 Plus X

  Well I haven’t shot any ISO 100 film for a while, So I decided to load a roll of Kodak Plus X from my secret stash into the Olympus 35RC with the newly calibrated range finder. It worked out alright but it wasn’t as good looking at the Konica rolls last week.

  Well there might also have something to do with using T-MAX developer instead of my usual XTOL. I used the last of the XTOL last week, and really running out of film literally, so I didn’t feel like mixing a new batch. Now another interesting thing also, when I decided to get the TMX developer from under the sink, i found out it got a hole on it and leaked, I bet you a mouse bit it open, or the plastic gave out since i squeezed the bottle pretty good last time. But I bet you the mouse is not going to bite another bottle open ever again, if it was from a mouse.

  On the other hand, I think my Scanner is dying, it’s producing a purple streak across the scan especially where the negative is thin. Well not too worried about it I think I got my money worth out of that scanner. Maybe I will bang it around in the future and see if that fixes it.

  Lastly, my print has arrived at Riverside, California today, for the print showing this Friday with the grand opening of The Dark Room at Division 9. That should be interesting, I’d like to hear the reactions/comments, if any, on my work. Especially when it’s a real print, not looking on those silly LCD screens.


  I know the light wasn’t the most interesting, but we all know there are times for good shots and there are times for the rest of them. What can i do? Keep blogging I guess!

4 thoughts on “March 12 2013 Plus X

  1. Is it the 4990 that’s “dying”? I hope not; I thought of sending you some Agfa APX 400 S to shoot and scan as I seem to have all sorts of problems with this film/scanner combination and I’d like to know if this really is the ‘stuff’ or me.

    • It might be dying but it fixed itself before. If not just more execuse to print it in the dark. Whats wrong with your apx.? I shot some apx 100 before and loved it. Send me some scans from the 400 in email so I can see.

      • Thanks Derek. I’ve been very tied up with work and other things recently but I did manage to catch up on reading the bogs I follow and to do a post over the weekend (thanks for the ‘like’ by the way). I’ll try to send a scan of the APX 400S as soon as I can; it’s probably me – I’ve said before on the blog that scanning is the thing I have most problems with but as far as I can see looking at the APX negs with a strong glass they are OK, but the scans are terrible.

        • Oh no problem on when you’re getting the images emailed, I can wait! And we will see what’s wrong with them, yeah scanning took me a while to perfect too, while its still not perfect and my scanner is slowly dying , hahaha.

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