Analogue Photography Print Showing – Riverside California

A close friend of mine recently opened up a small camera shop called The Dark Room at Division 9 Gallery located at 3850 Lemon Street, Riverside, California. He sells film, cameras and accessories, does processing, darkroom rentals and workshops.

This Friday, 15th March 2013 at 7P.M, is the Opening Reception of the darkroom feature a Film Only Print Hanging from local Riverside photographers including special guests, Domenico Foschi, Chris Weeks, Me, Joe Aguirre, Marsha Reina Feinberg, Scott Alexander, Bryan Mollette, Dana Barsuhn, Ben Molina, Rinzi Roco Ruiz, and Andrew Barsoum.

I urge my fellow artist around that area to stop by and say hi that night, support your local artists and to enjoy the print showing.

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3 thoughts on “Analogue Photography Print Showing – Riverside California

  1. Thanks for your comments on my blog…. And shame I don’t live near this shop. I could really do with a film shop near by. I remember there used to be 1 in every town, 20 years ago. How I miss them. Now you have to go on line. Which is OK, but you cant walk in to a shop and speak to a friendly face and ask advise. The Analogue Revival will be here soon, I hope, when people stop messing around and remember they have to print the darned image, so they may as well buy low price state-of-the-art film gear, and get more enjoyment from creating a physical image they can hold, and frame. Keep up the good work matey.

    • You’re welcome on the comment. Yes, it’s getting rare that I can go to a local business to buy film supplies. I can get some HP5+ bout 35 minutes away from me. But if I want some paper I have to drive 40 minutes the other way. Good thing i am “stuck in the middle”? In reality both stores still doesn’t have everything I need, and it’s not that I don’t want to support local business, but usually they are much more expensive than online. You bought up a great point there, one day people is going to realize they have to print the image, I’d much rather hold a print then a computer/tv screen, the later simply wouldn’t make sense. You keep up the good work on your wet prints too!

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