Minolta SRT – SC2

  I supposed I am blogging early today. Fell asleep last night scanning with my still dying scanner, and then woke up by a squirrel moving around at 6am in the attic. By the way if you see a line on the scan it’s the scanner, not the film or anything else. Anyways, unloaded my last roll of Tri X in the Konica at #8 decided to stick it in the Minolta SRTsc2 with the PF 55 1.4. What is the SRT SC-2 you say? Its the Sear’s version of the SRT201, a little more simplified. I’ll let you guys look at some photos and I will do my rambling on and on …. and on, about my strange behavior on selecting cameras nowadays afterwards.

  My strange behavior on selecting cameras, as of lately.

  Back in the days when I decide which camera to use for the weekend, lens sharpness is always a high priority, body is the second. But I find that just changed dramatically lately. Lately I’ve been comparing which body feels better in my hand, the sound of the shutter, viewfinder, even appearance. These things apparently is more important than the lens sharpness and some of the other features of the camera. My theory is, if I don’t like using it, never mind how good the camera or lens is. I can use my sharpest lens all the time, but that doesn’t mean I will get great results because I might not enjoy using it.

  Another note on lens sharpness. Sharpness alone is not good enough, more importantly how do they render the photo as a whole, the aesthetic.  I am telling you, they all look different. Sometimes I rather use a “less” sharp lens but knowing I get better overall tonality.

  By the way, yes, i am going looney, sitting here comparing the sound of shutters…..

11 thoughts on “Minolta SRT – SC2

      • maybe 30?
        bought them faster than i can use them haha
        btw… if the SRT SCII has the same film advance as SRT101… then i kindda dislike it
        the advance “throw” is too long…. abt 10% of the time, i would adv, fail to click the shutter, only to realize that i hv to adv a tiny bit more…
        but then i hv small hands… so maybe its just me….
        also, it’s as big as a nikkormat, but doesn’t look as nice / feel as solid (read “heavy”)

        • You crank until you stop, you should know that with the 50 cameras you own.

          And do you know, the SRT is designed by Nikon engineers? Coupled of them quit Nikon and went to minolta and they built the SRT.

  1. yes i should…. thing is, all other cameras have a shorter advance throw… so i’m used to that slightly shorter throw and i guess muscle memory just tells my finger to stop
    hmmm that i didn’t know… but i dunno… perhaps the brass is thinner or sth? or maybe it looks rectangular instead of octagonal (top view)? it just doesn’t feel as nice….
    i like their lenses with metal focusing ring though (ok i love all lenses with metal focusing ring hehe)…. but the 6 bladed diaphragm makes me mad…. ugly sunstars hahaha

  2. I can definitely understand that. I like snapping photos instead of pressing a button and hearing a recording of a shutter sound played. It’s nice, and it feels good to cock the film advance lever to prepare another shell for firing…

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