Yashica Electro 35 GSN Review

  I some how ended up with a Yashica Electro GSN the other day. Well, it belonged to Ray, he traded it with Dan, and Dan traded it with me. I gave it a tune up, checked the “pad of death”,  cleaned it thoroughly, and quickly shot  test roll.


  • Yashica Electro 35 GSN
  • Ilford HP5+
  • Kodak TMAX developer standard dilution, rotary


  • Feels very nice in hand
  • Modern “On/Off” Switch – the lock and unlock is right at the shutter button
  • Bright range finder with parallax correction
  • Very Sharp and capable Lens – The Yashinon DX 45mm f1.7, a little bit wider is always a plus
  • Accurate meter that goes up to ISO 1000, fairly high ISO for its time
  • The over / under expose light are easily read inside the view finder and on top of the camera
  • Dependable Copal leaf shutter, up to 1/500 with X Sync at hot shoe and sync plug
  • The sensor is not on top of the lens inside the filter thread. When you put a filter on, you will have to adjust the ISO
  • The camera is aperture priority, even though it worked flawlessly, It bugs me for not knowing what exact shutter speed I was using
  • Originally it uses a weird battery, good thing it came with an adapter, so it uses the same battery as a Nikkormat EL, Mamiya RZ, or an AE1, you can find the adapter separately online for a very reasonable price
  • I highly recommend this camera, given if the price is reasonable

       Click for more samples form this camera

9 thoughts on “Yashica Electro 35 GSN Review

  1. I got one a month ago, refurbished and all. It is an awesome camera, a little soft wide open though. Very modern in lay-out and indeed over and under exposure is easy to read.
    Unfortunately the camera broke down yesterday after having experienced some trouble with the shutter button, some negs superimposed due to incorrect film transport and finally the film advance lever died.
    Great loss as it was quickly becoming one of my favourite camera’s. The guy who sold it to me is taking it back for repair.

    • I am glad that guy takes it back and fix it for you, that’s a good seller right there.
      I didn’t think it was soft wide open, however I might have just got too used to it.

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