Silver Gelatin Prints – March 2013 II

Decided to kill some time yesterday afternoon printing. Finished off what’s left of the regular 8×10 paper. Also had some fun with my antique Zephyr lettering set on the prints, figure that’s better than my messy handy writing, still trying to get used to the lettering set yet. I think I had more fun with that stupid thing than printing. By the way trying something new, everything was printing f5.6 or below on the Rodagon with the help of ND and even CP, for those who knows what I am talking about, I don’t see much difference, do you?

Film - 027I’m going to give him this print Friday, hopefully he’s working. There’s a consistent scratch on the prints for this frame, I am not sure how it happens. But I do know I urgently need more archival sleeves to prevent that. Film - 028Fine example of scanned prints is not as good as a real print. On this one I had to do a mask layer curve for the person, to match how it look on the print, while everything else is fine, that is just odd.Film - 030Look at that, I am getting a lot better with the lettering set. The font look so pretty.Film - 031 The only problem with the lettering set, means I have to create a title for the photo. Which is something I rarely do nowadays. By the way look at the boarder at the bottom, my scanner has light fall off where the center is brighter than the corners?Film - 032This is one of the older negatives, still prints mighty fine, and I bet you it will do the same 50 years later. Good luck with your corrupted digital files.

12 thoughts on “Silver Gelatin Prints – March 2013 II

  1. I really admire your dedication. Took a look at your portfolio too and was mesmerized, especially by your work in the “Beyond…” category.

    • Thank you for stopping by and checking out my work. Dedication came from fellow photographers and friends, those are the one who made it possible 🙂

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