Small Town Spectacular – April 2013

Took my camera for a night out and drove by a flooded park. Decided to take some photos of flood and more importantly the spectators themselves. The rest is just bits and pieces of another day in this small town.

7 thoughts on “Small Town Spectacular – April 2013

  1. sweet!
    i’m always amazed at your low light shooting
    there’s no way i can shoot things handheld at reasonable ISO
    do you push it a lil in post or what?? :O

    • To be honest this roll is shot and developed at ISO400 no tricks. But vodka helps! alright but if you look at it closely, f1.4 iso 400 you just have to look at the light that is on your subject, closely at the subtle changes and press the shutter at right available light. I am really not that impressive, I can not shoot 1/8 or 1/4 consecutively .

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