Cave Of The Mounds, Wisconsin

Wisconsin 2013 Part II ,  Cave Of the Mounds.
For Part One, Please Click Here.

No, unfortunately I did not find any cavemen.
Yashica Electro 35 GSN – Kodak Portra 400
(Don’t ask me why I used a rangefinder in the dark…)


Visit Part 1 Of This Series, Wisconsin Dells with Provia 100F

14 thoughts on “Cave Of The Mounds, Wisconsin

  1. u crazy dude!
    how could u not have handshake under such dark conditions!?
    btw… we bumped into the same guy who has a petriflex….

    • I am sure it wasn’t much lower than 1/30 if even that. Stuff was lit by spotlight mostly. I can’t shoot low speed I assure you.
      I know right, the petriflex guy, I know you stalk anyone who has a petri.

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