Back in Black, and White

  Finally, back in black – and white, back in my comfort zone. As you may know I posted some E6 and C41 in the last two posts. I really hate sending my film out because that means I have no control over it. When something goes wrong, a lot of times I wouldn’t know if it was my fault or theirs. Maybe that will change soon, you guys should send  me some lottery tickets (obviously the winners), so I can afford some more slides and chemicals, I will take care of the machine.

  You may also notice I’ve been shooting my Minolta SRT-SC2 quite a bit lately. Reason behind it is I love the sound of the shutter, it’s a more solid snap, instead of “springy” like some of the other ones. Other than that I used to love cameras with EV lock and EV + / – control. Stupid me I never thought a match needle system is even easier for that. Put the needle in the middle and turn my aperture one way or the other for over and under, how easy. However, I still find myself doing the best without a meter outdoors. The majority of the blog post is shot without one, reason being I haven’t fixed the contacts in my new camera yet.

  Yes, new cameras! Since I love the SRT series that much, I paid big money… well $45 bucks to get a SRT 101, 102, and four lens and a bunch of other odd and ends. Now I have a full set of lens for Minolta MC/MD. All I used to have were various 50mms, now I have lenses from wide angle to tele photo. But guess what, I haven’t shot anything but 50mms on them yet. Funny enough, you know I will sit down and compare the sound of the shutters on my new cameras just to make sure they are just as good since they are different models. Here’s how it played out. SRT 101 > SRT SC2 > SRT 201, where the SRT 201 is supposed to be the fanciest model among the three.

  By the way, I have long sync cords now! Something that I’ve been wanting for quite a few years now.

Questions for my readers!

  Do you guys like the photos on a blog post in “Mosaic Tiles” like the one in this post or “One by One” already loaded like in the previous post? Personally I like the Mosaic Tiles for viewing on a computer because of the higher resolution however the One by One method is best on mobile device. What do you guys use to read blog post the most and which method do you prefer? (Haha this is also tell how many of you actually read)

Without further delay…

  • SRT SC2 PF Rokkor 55mm 1.9 Tri X
  • SRT 101 Rokkor X PF 50mm 1.7 Tri X
  • SRT 101 Rokkor X PF 50mm 1.7 HP5+
  • in Xtol 1+1 Rotary

My friend asked ” Hey you want to buy my AIS Nikkor 50mm f1.2 ?”
Me: “Well yes but I am sure there’s no way I can afford it, so that’s a No”
Friend: “Right I forgot you turned you back on Nikon nowadays”
Me: “Not necessarily, I still have my Nikkors, But I am just shooting something that I can afford while replaceable, and just as good if not better”

  Here’s the deal. Want me to shoot Nikon again? Well first I need a NAI/AIS 50 1.4 since mine broke. And I’d like the F2 for a match needle system, preferably in black. I remember shooting the original Nikon F before and it was a wonderful experience.

But Really, lets face it, EXAKTA(S) are FAR SUPERIOR (only with a Waist Level Finder!)!

22 thoughts on “Back in Black, and White

  1. For me it’s the mosaic, without a doubt. It’s much quicker to scan and see whether I want to go back for a more relaxed view; the pix can have interesting, even extended, captions without making the post a long scroll, and, as you say, you can go to a ‘big’ pic if you want. On the other hand, I never look at posts on a mobile; for a post which is about pictures I don’t see the point in looking at them with dimensions of a few cm.

  2. I like the mosaic tiles, but my theme doesn’t include the option. Good to see the B&W again – I know what you mean: I shot digital color on Saturday, but was dissatisfied with the shooting process as much as anything else, so I went back to the same (weekend-long) car show on Sunday and shot black and white film to make myself feel better…

    • Really? It’s a theme option? Whenever I make a post I never use the quick post option. I also go the long route to my “control panel” and add new post. Upload photos there, and choose create gallery, and on the right hand side somewhere there are several options, squares, mosaic tiles and such. See if you can find it.

      Thank you for the comment, now I know there are two people who actually read the words, haha!

      Yeah, one of these days I will start doing my own color, when I can afford the film and the chemicals. I just hate where I have no control, that defeats the purpose of analogue photography.

      • I agree with you here Derek – I guess the quick posting thing is OK for someone who just wants to put a few words out via their mobile but it’s not a real serious blogging option. The mosaic thing can be a bit difficult to get into at first, mainly due to WordPress’s inability to write good instructions. And the mosaic does have some quirks – especially if you want to go back and edit something, and it has a tendency to disappear from the editing screen altogether, giving you a panic, but then you find it’s still in the actual post – etc, etc.

  3. I almost never read your blog on my phone. The mosaic tiles are great on my normal browser because I can scan them quickly.

    • I am sensing everyone likes the tiles so far! It’s just hard to choose maybe I should tell WordPress they need to make sure their Mosaic tiles works on mobile and especially the WordPress App, because it doesn’t even work in that.

  4. Both mosaic and one by one are good for different reasons (as you’ve already mentioned). Mosaic is good when you want a quick look but in many cases you might lose a good photo which relies on details. One by one might be a bit heavy for mobile devices but scrolling down on a desktop is much better way to see and decide for the keepers.
    I bought some 20 years ago two Nikkormat bodies with a plethora of lenses. Still use them and I am happy with them. Actually one body fell due to a heavy lens, but I have replaced it with another body. I still look for an Exakta body, because the curtain of the one I have is highly unreliable (lost two films) because I have three wonderful lenses (200, 400 & 28 ) and I want to use them! Any ideas?
    I try to shoot only b&w to have complete control over the development. For some reason (they don’t care) the labs outside ruin my E6 and C41 films, and that is why I have reduced my production close to 3-4 per year.
    By the way nice photos!

    • Good to hear your input about the presentation, thank you.
      Nikkormat(s) are very nice, in fact the smoothest shutter I’ve ever encountered my Nikkormat EL. Not counting my F4 with the balancer and motor advance. Which Exakta do you have? I was gonna say I’d help you out with it but you’re all the way over at Greece. If the curtains are not wrinkles or have holes on it might not be that bad. Tell me what it’s doing. You’re more than welcome to email me about it, my email is on my about page.

      • I have been working with Canons, really, but I simply adore the feel of the Nikkormats, to stop using them.

        Thank you!

        Just PMed you, about the Exakta!

    • You can pick up an Exa for pretty well next to nothing. More limited than its big brother but it will take the lenses, which is the important thing I think. But get an early one with the waist-level finder rather than the built-in pentaprism, though it’s good if you can find one with both.

  5. hehe maybe u’re right… canadians hate petri’s haha
    i prefer the one-by-one way…. big photos all the way
    hate clicking on tiny thumbs

  6. love your black and whites, especially the boy by the window and the children playing on the roadway… I haven’t gone through the whole blog but one question, do you use only natural light?

    • Most of the time I use available light, since the majority of them are spontaneous, and I like to travel light, even a hot shoe flash will render clunky. However, if I am up to photograph something like an indoor event or something I know I can’t get away with (like inside the cave in the other post, I had my vivitar 285 pointed up) and I am prepared for it, there will be flash involved. But really, 90% of the time I won’t even have any kind of lighting equipment with me, and 90% of the time I am using a lens that is f2 or faster with 400 speed film (ISO to be determined ( push/pull) at the time I load the film), Occasionally I slip some kind of filter that will stop 2 stops of light in my pocket. I just never know where I am going to photograph, but I know I should be there with a camera.

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