May 2013 HP5+

A special thank you to Ray, Roger, Jim, Vassilis and Alex, for actually reading and share your input with me last week. Alright, why did i have 24EXP roll of film? I hate them! Apparently that’s what I used in this passed weekend, I thought my camera jammed at frame #26. (I was a little slow that day)

  • Minolta SRT 102
  • Rokkor X 28mm f2.8
  • Ilford HP5+
  • XTOL 1+2 Rotary

35 thoughts on “May 2013 HP5+

  1. Hah! I have the opposite experience — I shoot only 24s. I bought some Neopan 100 Acros on clearance a few years ago and was shocked when I reached frame 28! Whoa! Is something wrong with my camera? No, this is what it’s like to shoot a 36-exp. roll.

  2. I load my own film and the counter has broken down, so sometimes I go over 36, which is a pity because it is a waste of film with my Canon which reverses the film once it reaches 36. I try not to use 24s, because they charge the same for C41 and E6 like a 36, and it is a waste of chemicals for the b&w I develope. I don’t fear about loading right, my Canon won’t allow me to shoot, while the reverse knob on the others will move when I load a new frame. But if I am not careful after 36 I just might jam the camera and if I don’t have a spare one I have to go back home.
    Another fine set of photos, by the way!

    • Canon rewinds itself after 36? That is no fun. Yes you brought up a good point, once upon a time I shot 12EXP roll because the roll itself is cheaper, however when I bring it to the lab it cost me just the same!

      • Yeap, Canon does that. I don’t know if there is a way to by pass it, (like the custom function to leave the end tip of the film outside the cartiridge) but after thousand meters of film, I rarely lose more than 1-2 spare shots.
        By the way, shot 2 films with the Exakta, and I try to find some spare time to develope them!

        • Havent use anything with a motor advance for ages, I like my advance lever. Haha i was wondering when you’re gonna shoot the exakta.

          • I loved my faithful EOS 620 and was very sorry when it broke down.Although the motor advance was the last feature to take advantage of.
            Exakta shot one Agfa Ortho and one triX. Hopefully by next week I will have some time to develope them, along with 10 more films.

            • You must be feeling very good about the exakta, not just one test roll but two, I wish you the best for those rolls. Even they are not perfect, you know exactly where and what you need to work on 😉
              But see, this is the beauty of film, it’s a mystery until we develop them, I hope this is a “good mystery” this time! Can’t wait to see them!

              • It was a nude workshop and I had 3 film cameras and one digital. I was shooting with my digital but during the breaks (another team was shooting) I used the exakta and all my lenses, I even tried a 400mm one, which I had not used for so long. So it had to be two films, one with the expired Agfa, and one new tri X. So in case it is the film’s fault, not to blame the camera!
                But it was working so smoothly thanks to you, that I am sure that the photos will be great !

    • My main film is actually Kodak Tri X. I ran out and the closest thing to Tri X is the HP5+. 400 Speed film is actually very nice, I do not shoot 100 unless I know i am going to finish the roll in the same lighting condition, but then I probably use ISO25 film. 400 puts me from shooting day and night, indoor and outdoor. If you dont want to shoot it at small aperture in sunny day, i simply put an orange or red filter over it. I guess 400 is more universal. And really, with the right developer / agitation, there is no grain issue at all. There is not much grain from my 400 compare to 100, if any at all.

      You like delta 100? I actually highly dislike T grain film (guess personal preference). T grain film are Tmax, Delta etc. Tmax 100 I consider junk, Tmax 400 in D76 1+1 is awesome. I shot some Delta before too I wasn’t too impressed. I like my traditional grain. One thing I found out, T grain film loves classic developers like D76, while traditional grain loves relatively newer developers like XTOL.

      Another fun fact, I can shoot a roll of expired 1987 Tri X today and get *resonable* results. If I use a roll of EXP 2009 T grain film will have piss poor result, lets say both film not frozen in freezer.

      Hey, it sure is nice to talk to people with common interest! Thanks.

      • Talking about films and developers, I used to develope my Tri X film with HC 110, solution B, but after changing it some years ago, the time was below 5 minutes and I decided to try some different ones. Tmax is alright, (TMax 400 is great but 3200 is even better, especially pulled to 800) but rather expensive, even if used 2-3 times. D76 was alright as well, but the results were not like HC 110. I have tried Rodinal, and I think I got the best results. Missed it for several years but just found it again, (in an attempt to develope an expired -since 1997- Agfa Ortho ) as R09 One Shot. Haven’t tried it yet, but I will let you know! Also have tried ID 11 and Microphen, but I wasn’t too pleased. But I have bought HC 110 again to try an other solution. Any suggestions and ideas?

          • Thank you! I will givw it a go! However, the Greek photo market is very weird. I will look for Xtol, but the variety of films, papers and chemicals found in the US or even Germany is really considered a luxury here. And with the crisis and all it is even worse. The suppliers have to pre pay their orders.

              • I usually order online as well, but only if I have a cheap way to bring them over. A friend of a friend came back from the US with my order not 2 weeks ago. But I would probably not have ordered any chemicals, because many things can happen. (They inspected the bag with the films. They even went as far to open 5-6 boxes, to see what’s inside! Thankfully they didn’t open the tins with the 30 m films…) Thank you for the tip! I will go downtown on Saturday and in case I don’t find it there, I will order from the German site.

  3. Hi Derek. I just bought a load of 24 C41 colour at £1 each – thanks to a tip from ‘The tight-fisted photographer’. Why? Because 36s tend to break the Vivitar Ultra Wide & Slim and I’ve grown fond of having this junky (but surprisingly good) featherweight thing in my pocket. I agree – it is great to talk to people with common interest and they seem to be hard to find. There are plenty of ‘film shooters’ out there but few of them say anything much, just post their pictures. Which is nice but it’s better to have someone to ‘talk’ to. So I really value your blog Derek. Thanks.

    • Second time I heard about 36EXP doesnt work well with some camera, that is totally odd!

      True enough, there are enough film shooters out there but just hard to find one that’d like to engage on a conversation here and there!

      Thank you very much for your compliments sir!

  4. time for an update man!
    ha! and u exposed ur secret!
    i always wonder how can u use large aperture under broad daylight, iso400 with a camera whose (which?) top speed is only 500 or 1000
    orange / red filter it is!

    • I didn’t shot one frame last weekend. I was working on the yard. But I am waiting for a roll of portra coming back from mail.
      Filters are no secrets. But I am too lazy to use em.

  5. I love the end of roll shots… but I’m with you, preferring 36exp to 24s. Twenty-fours stop me up short, right as I think I’m getting a rhythm going!

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