Kentmere 100 Review

  Several weeks ago RR Alexanders from The Crossings sent me a couple rolls of his favorite film – Kentmere 100 to try out after hearing my film shortage. Then Joe decided to get me a Nikon F body to play with, because he feels like it, I supposed. Works like a charm after I cleaned it all the way up, which you will see.

  Here we are, a group effort once again.

  • Nikon F / Photomic FTn
  • Nikkor 50mm F2 NAI
  • Kentmere 100 (Reload)
  • Kodak XTOL 1+2 Rotary 20C 11.5 Minutes
  • Epson Scan – Sharpen on low, as usual.

  I’ll let you guys look at the shots first,


  • First of all Kentmere is manufactured by Harmon Technology, which is the mother company of Ilford, that alone should make you feel very comfortable to try it.
  • The film base (“plastic”) is slightly thinner than my Tri X and HP5. Also be careful when drying with a squeegee, it scratches slightly easier than Tri X.
  • When it’s dried, it is extremely (what I really wanted to say is ridiculously) flat, physically.
  • The antihalation layer is purple-ish, and very sufficient. You do not see anything glowing in samples above, even in high contrast scenario, or severely over exposed in the self portrait shot.
  • It has very fine grain, is sharp and has a board tonal rage and latitude.
  • It is also priced competitively.
  • I do recommend this product.

  If you’re interested in seeing more samples of Kentmere 100, head over to , that is almost all he shoots for black and white. And make sure to order a couple rolls when you can, so RRalexander do not have to worry about they will stop making the film in the future. For real, seeing Plus X is gone, Kentmere 100 might just do the trick on being my traditional grain 100 speed film. You will find Kentmere 100 in every major online photo supply store.


Please remember film tests are subject to Film Developer, Agitation Methods and other variables.
I am not endorsed by any companies, as far as I know none of the companies knows that I exist.

27 thoughts on “Kentmere 100 Review

    • Hey this is actually better than what I’d imagine. And about time someone send me something to try, that is actually usable! Thank you.

    • This is my first roll and it looks great. But then it also has to do with developer and agitation methods. I seem to nailed it in that sense with the film. You should link me to your samples i d love to see them.

    • I wouldn’t agree with it will be hp5 or fp4 without quality control. That’s not going to happen its probably same machine just different emulsion. Which one you shot 100 or 400. Everyone seems to love 100 and hate 400. And I haven’t tried 400 yet.

  1. I’ve often been tempted to try this film, because of the price, but I have quite a stock of FP4 and PanF so it will not be till this is used up. Of course the guys who created Harmon with a buyout saved Ilford and did us all a big favour, so they deserve our support. I’ve never seen an explanation of what the difference in production is between the film labelled Harmon and that labelled Ilford. I had a Photomic many years ago; I didn’t like it. I like your pictures though!

    • If every roll of Kentmere 100 turns out similar to this, This can well be my 100 speed film even though I do not shoot 100 much nowadays. It’s sad to say I do not use Ilford regularly, it’s always more less my second option. Ilford makes very high quality product (except that stupid RC paper), I just prefer my Kodak Tri X more, it’s a tonality thing I supposed. If I can’t get Tri X, I will look for HP5. But seeing Kodak doesn’t make Plus X, and I am not too crazy about FP4, this kentmere 100 might be it. Also I am not a big fan with T grain film but there are exceptions, that’d be Fuji.

      Heck we all know one day they are going to stop making Tri X, by then I will support your country instead 😉 You guys are smart, I don’t think anyone here will do that to save Kodak’s film division.

      I used an F maybe 2 years ago when I was working on one for someone. I liked it a lot. However, this time around, I am not super crazy about it, maybe it has slight difference in built through the years ( i know i have a different focusing screen this time too, no micro prisms)? Or perhaps I am too used to the big focusing screens on my Minolta SRTs. After all this F is still one of the best Nikon bodies I have, along with all the Nikkormats, the older the better! Most importantly, it works good I supposed,after seeing the final images!

      P.S. I developed the Kentmere 100 and a roll of HP5+ this morning, and the Kentmere 100 actually looks better than the HP5+. Not saying which film is superior because of different variables, but who would have thought!

  2. I like Kentmere 100 too. I don’t if you’ve tried it but Kentmere 400 is good too. Kentmere films are some of the cheapest films available in Japan.

    Nice btw

    • Hello there! I haven’t tried the Kentmere 400 yet. The person that insisted me to try out the Kentmere 100 actually hated their 400, so he never sent me any of them to try. But I imagine with different developer and developing method it can be as good as anything else. Maybe one day someone will send me a roll of 2 to try it. Nice talking to you!

  3. I prefer Kodak, but I have tried Ilford lately, and I feel the same for Ilford that you describe here, on Kentmere. I know Ilford own Kentmere, and I’m wondering if there really is a difference between the films, more that the price…..
    I like Ilford, but all of them are easily scratched and dust seems like more a problem than with Kodak or Fuji films.
    This is very interesting, thanks for sharing!

    • I never really have a big scartching problem with regular ilford, e.g. HP5. It’s a pretty robust film.
      There is a difference between Ilford and Kentmere, its not a re branded ilford film. The Kentmere 100 looks nothing like FP4+, in my mind they look better. And Delta is T grain so it’s nothing like it. Thanks for stopping by!

  4. I’m giving the Kentmere a try after reading this. Kodak just costs too much – even though I love it and spent the first 15 years of my career using their film. Film shooting is just a hobby for me now, so I have to keep an eye on the bottom line. I’ve always liked Ilford – used their paper because it was a bit warmer than the cold blacks of Kodak. Now I use their Delta 100 in my 4×5. But I’ve got two rolls of the Kentmere shot and ready to process. Hope to get to that this weekend.

    • I sure like Kodak, but same here money for this hobby (for the most part) is tight. For my 4×5 I still uses TXP 320, the images is really hard to beat. I hope your experience with Kentmere 100 be as good as mine. Now, on the side note, the person that got me going on Kentmere 100 absolutely dislike Kentmere 400.
      Cheers, and I am looking forward for your results.

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