End of June 2013 Black and White Film

Haven’t blogged for a while, had a roll with pinhole light leaks from shutter curtain last week and a blank roll this week. Scanner is still dying, and my favorite developing tank is falling apart. All kinds of sunshine and lollipops, really don’t have a whole lot to say. How about I’ll let the photos, and you, do the talking instead.

  • Practika FX3 (Pin holes camera) / SMC Takumar
  • Minolta SRT series / Rokkor
  • Tri X – XTOL 1+2 Rotary

15 thoughts on “End of June 2013 Black and White Film

  1. Hi. Sorry to hear about the problems but nice to see the pix. I really must try some TriX in XTOL. I’ve just loaded some Agfa APX 25 into the OM4 to have a go with RO9 after reading an interesting post on this combination – I happened to have a roll of the Agfa lying around.
    Do you know about the rubber solution stuff to fix pinholes? I’ve got some somewhere but I can’t remember the name – I’ll try to find it. It’s made to dip tool handles in to make them non-slip but does an excellent job on pinholes. Fortunately my scanners don’t have a problem; I still do with scanning but I’ve been getting some good advice recently on photo.net and when I’ve time to go into it hope to have more success.

    • Yeah well, stuff happens, just gotta stop doing it, orrr, keep moving on right!

      You’ll like that APX25, just not sure if I like rodinal. But I’ve seen they worked well with each other.

      Well the correctly way to fix that practika is new shutter cloth, but I am not sure if it’s going to worth my time. So I did come up with something similar. I am actually putting a rubberized undercoating under the woman’s van, so whatever I got left, should be perfect for that job. The only thing is, I am not sure how much heavier will it make the shutter, thus slow it down, I supposed I can adjust that though. If i am going to do it, I am not going to spot it, i am just going to paint both of them, at the back, instead of the front because of the mirror.

      Yeah my scanner like to show some weird color streaks here and there ( i set to color even when scan bw ), it is not too horrible once i desaturated them back to black and white, but there’s definitely something wrong. Well I supposed after two three hundred rolls of film I got my money worth with the scanner.

      Good thing you replied me on this account, I thought i am following this account also because I’ve read your post about it, but apparently I wasn’t. Well now I am!!

      • The post which got me to use the slow Agfa with Rodinal was this:


        It’ll take me a while to see the results as I’ve got a lot non-photographic on but if I can turn out something anything like Jan Caspary (less than a third of my age!) I’ll be happy.

        If the underseal over there is anything like that here I reckon you’ll be lucky to get anything faster than 10 secs 🙂 . I think the stuff I mentioned (can’t find it) is called Plastidip. It did a great job on a couple of Russians (Leica copies) which were pinholed.

        • Sure you can be like Caspary, I have faith in you.

          Problem with plastidip is. it will cost more than that camera to get a brush on can. And I already got the undercoat material. But first i have to finish the car 😀

    • Well. I supposed all my stuff have lots of wear and tear by using it. Still sad coz that means I might have to spend some money soon. First I gotta come up with the money haha

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