Super Ricohflex

    My Rolleiflex is out of action indefinitely, and I’ve been itching to shoot a TLR. The only other real TLR i have is the Super Ricohflex. Even though it’s not quite a leap, in a sense, I need a field test on this thing. I’ve never really tested it thoroughly ever since I worked on the shutter about a year ago. I loaded it with fake HP5+ (Ultrafine Xtreme 400) and gave it a shot, or well, 12 shots.

Film - 631The lens performs well, even though it’s ‘just’ an 8cm f3.5 Anastigmat.

Film - 634Now, you may say this photo is blurry, I can’t help it  that every time I take a photo someone decides to move. Besides, I think this is back-focused, I better set up a target and adjust it later.  However, the main point of this photo is the classic bokeh produced by the near round aperture blades, something the Rolleiflex doesn’t have.

Film - 639It is capable of taking beautiful photos, as you can see. I have to do something about that focusing screen, maybe I will grind a new one. The original screen is clean and clear, and smooth actually, but just no where bright enough for how I like to shoot.

Film - 640It’s capable alright, but I still didn’t get a hang on shooting this camera yet, so far it’s a little, to morbidly awkward for me – the placements of the controls.

Film - 049

Well looks like I got a little work to do and some getting used to, and I’ll be just fine.

  • Super Ricohflex
  • Fake HP5 +
  • XTOL 1+1 Rotary

17 thoughts on “Super Ricohflex

  1. What happened to the Rolleiflex? I LIke the way the Ultrafine Extreme looks, but it seems that it attracts dust (positive ionization?) and the emulsion is relatively soft.

    • The primary drive spring is broken in shutter.
      Emulsion on that film is not thin its about normal. If anything the Kentmere is thinner. I think.
      I am not so positive on the ionization, everything attracts dust in my room. I blow it off before and in-between scans

      • I meant that the Ultrafine emulsion seems soft to me (relative to the Kentmere 100 and the Delta 400), so it seems to scratch easily – it may well be just as thick. I keep wondering what a hardening fixer would do to films like that, but haven’t done any research on it…

  2. does rollei not hv round aperture? what do they hv… 5 bladed diaphragm??
    damnnn i need to shoot my TLR too…. but getting 120 processed here is so expensive now
    btw u should vist my xanga a bit… xanga is probably shutting down in a week or so

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