Senior Photo Shoot 2013

  It has been a while since I’ve done any kind of photo shoot. I got talked into doing someone’s senior photos several weeks ago. I decided to go all-film, with my work camera that hasn’t seen the day of light in a while – Mamiya 645 PRO. I used two rolls of Fuji PRO 400H and one roll of my precious Kodak Portra 160NC.  In reality, I shot 2 frames of HP5+ too, in the Ricohflex, but that’s still at frame #2 so that will have to wait a while. The last lab that processed my film lost my roll in return mail, well, technically the post office did, but who knows. So, this time I used Dwayne’s Photos in Kansas – can’t go wrong with them since they are world famous – they were the last lab that processed Kodachrome.

  The shoot went alright, not the greatest since, apparently my subjects were in a hurry.  I had about 2 hours to finish up. Technically, we never got around to every spot we planned, and I had to start an hour or two earlier than I’d like to, in terms of lighting.  I think the results are a lot better than I anticipated, everything technical is essentially spot on, given the conditions.  Some of the poses could be more desirable, however, I always like to keep a certain sense of reality and personal traits in the photo as much as possible.

I think I still know what I’m doing.


Follow up of this shoot, Portrait with Baby Crown Graphic , and As good as it gets with Portra 400 .

13 thoughts on “Senior Photo Shoot 2013

  1. hey you’re back!
    sorry to hear about your friend… 😦
    umm… that kodak… i love swirly bokeh! (1st shot)
    it’s finder looks busy though… and what are all those lil lines that come poking out???
    btw… xanga will be “based on wordpress” or sth in 2 weeks… we’ll see what that means haha

      • hmmm no i mean within the frameline there’re some smaller lines poking out??
        ohhh and u might be able to help me on this… i got an auto-rokkor 58 1.4 (looks sexy! :D) but the focusing ring isn’t smooth… how do i disassemble it?? :O

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