Ray’s Last Wish

  One of the last things me and Ray talked about was fixing up his mom’s SRT MC2. It had been found in a box at his brother’s house. He said that he’d love to get the camera up and working because of the sentimental value. He even went to the length of listing what he possibly could trade me for the work. I told him, “I’ll see what I can do with it and we’ll get even somewhere down the road.” His last transmission to me was, “I sent it at the “Slow boat to China” rate, so it may take a while to get there.”

  The package was still in transit at the time of his passing.  I felt very weird when the package finally got into my hands. He was just here a week ago when he wrote my address on the box and now, all of a sudden, he’s gone.  I opened the box up and found the following contents: The Camera, a screw driver, a roll of kentmere 100, and a note.

  I smiled immediately when I saw the roll of Kentmere 100, just when I thought I used up the last roll of Kentmere 100 I got from him.  Well, apparently Ray had other plans for me.  The screw driver he included in the box is actually one of my favorite screw drivers, I own the exact screwdriver except the tip on one of mine is broken.  What are the odds of that?

  Finally, in the note, he said, “if the camera turns out to be a nightmare, keep it for parts and we’ll look for another SRT.” Well Ray, this camera is going to get fixed no matter what, a deal is a deal. Maybe one day the camera will find its way to his grand-son. It’ll be something for him to use and to remember his grandpa and great-grandma by, and to be used.

  My initial diagnosis was:  Meter’s dead, Prism assembly is way out of whack, missing trims and screws but, still mechanically sound.  So, I started tearing into it and it turned out to be a nightmare.  The only good thing is, I have another SRT and I can potentially use it for parts.

  Turned out, I had to replace the whole AV/TV pulley assembly and associated parts, rebuild, calibrate, and clean the prism assembly, re-solder a couple wires, fix the on/off switch, re-calibrate the metering system, and install new light seals. In short, It might not sound much to you, but that took days to complete.  I’d find one thing wrong, troubleshoot it, fix it, and then something else would go wrong. Repeat about 20 times.  Murphy’s law at its finest.

  Before I put the bottom cover back on, I wrote “In Memory of Ray and Ray’s Mother – Aug 2013 dehk”. Ray’s camera has been resurrected! I felt like I just passed my final exam! Now it’s time for field test this weekend. Hopefully, nothing else comes up! Then, it shall return on a slow boat back to California.

15 thoughts on “Ray’s Last Wish

    • Hopefully the person that ended up with the camera will feel the love, not the work that been put into the camera, and continue to use it. Thank you for the support.

    • I hate to see someone going through my camera collection, well especially my broken camera collection if I am gone. They might not be as lucky!

    • hey hey actually got this SR-7 last week which seem to need a clean for the finder… i’m guessing i need to open the top plate and remove the prism to do that?
      any hints? which way to open the adv lever cap? CW?

      • If you can access from the mirror box then you have to get from the top. Don’t take the whole assembly off just the prism. And if its still dirty after you cleaned both side you will just have to live with it, do not tear into it more.

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