Minolta SRT-MC2

   One of the last thing I had to do with Ray’s SRT MC2 is a field test. Instead of using a roll of Kentmere 100 that he originally intended, I used a roll of my trusty Tri X instead. And I shall freeze the Kentmere for a special occasion. I always have a problem with choosing which 50mm-ish lens to put on my Minoltas, at last I decided on the PF Rokkor 55 1.4, it’s a great lens except its a little rough around the edges, ahem, on the glass. Yes, Chris, are you listening? Rokkor X to the rescue!


  The Minolta SRT series is one of my favorite SLR. I currently use a “fake” SRT 101 myself. It’s merely a SRT SC-2 with a SRT 101 top plate. As far as I know, the SC series was for sale at Sears, while the MC model was for K-Mart. The only difference between them is, the MC models lacks the shutter speed read out inside the viewfinder.  As I told Ray before (which he laughed), one day I will build my custom SRT, that is when I collected all the necessary extra parts. It will have a SRT 101 body and shutter. 102 Prism assembly, metering cells, and top plate. and a focusing Screen from the X-700. One day It will happen, one day…

   Well, looks like Ray’s SRT works great. I should have it box up soon and it shall head home, that is when I am done procrastinating.

13 thoughts on “Minolta SRT-MC2

  1. My first SLR was a Minolta SRT MCII, which indeed came from K-Mart. My parents got it for me for Christmas when I turned 13. It taught me everything I needed to know about ISO, shutter speed, and aperture settings. (things people struggle with today!) It was fully manual, no automatic anything. Those were the days! I used it until I was 25. A few years ago, I decided I didn’t need it anymore, so I donated it to a thrift shop. Oh how I regret that now!! Alas…

    • I love the SRT because they are “manual”. I’ll put it as “everything i need and nothing else”. I am not distracted by all the other functions (that is *supposed* to help), and really, what more than I need other than shutter speed, aperture, focus, and ability to change to different film?

      You donated your MCII to thrift?! Oh we will have to fix that, we have to! I can cover your lens problem if you can find a body. Now we just have to keep our eyes opened!

  2. Derek, some fine photos! I simply love the vespa one. I am going back to film (more than usual anyway) lately, mainly due to a diffusion problem one of my lenses seems to have at my Canon digital. Don’t know how much it will cost me to fix it, but it had already cost me some 2000 hard to fix photos. So yes, good old munual film cameras and lenses. Stick to the photography part, rather than the tech one.

    • Is the problem on the camera body or the lens, for the digital? 2000 photos? That sucks but I supposed it could happen to both film or digital. However, its music to my ear that you will shoot more film. Nothing better than good old fashion film photography! Usually I just stick to the photography part, but i figure I gotta tell people about the tech side just to humor them. Sorry to hear about the digital but, one door closes another door open, and probably even more exciting!

  3. is it just me or is the right side of the frames always darker? slightly uneven shutter??
    SRT101… i hv 2 of them… one’s from my mum (a newer, chrome 101b), and another of craigslist (black but with a slight dent on prism housing)
    yes they do look and feel nice, but i prefer my nikons more

  4. The final results of mending Ray’s camera can not be measured just by the quality of the photographs. Thanks for taking great care in repairing Ray’s Minolta.

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