My Saga of Photography Related Mailing Mishaps

Long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away….

Six months ago – I boxed up a Petri 1.9 to mail it out to Ontario, CA 91761.  I had my friend go to the post office for me. He came back and told me he had to fill out a US customs form for me. I asked “why would you need to fill out a customs form?” He said, “The lady at the post office said when you mail stuff to Ontario Canada you’d need the form.”  Well, apparently they do not understand the differences between a US Zip code and Canadian Zip code.  They caught the mistakes somewhere down the line and got the package to the correct Ontario.

Five months ago – An Olympic infinity stylus did not survive the trip to CA with moderate amount of bubble wrap. (I thought it was adequate, but it wasn’t overkill like I usually do due to the size of the box).  The camera worked before I mailed it, but it wouldn’t stop beeping after it got there, even though it was in one piece.

Four months ago – A lab in NH sent out my negatives but I never got them from USPS. I am still waiting for them.

A month ago – A lab in KS mailed out my finished order to Phoenix, AZ, and sent the other guy’s order to me.  It wasn’t particularly fun when I opened the box and saw someone else’s name on the receipt, and my 3 rolls of 120 and 1 roll of mounted slides turned into a roll of 110 and prints. We reached out to each other ourselves, swapped the negatives back, and ripped the lab a new one.  Well, on a good note, I made a new friend that sells printing (ink) supplies very cheap.

Yesterday –  I stopped at a post office near where I was working at the time. The package was a small flat rate box with negatives going to Parsons, KS 67357. I thought when she rang it up, the screen flashes something other than Parsons, KS, but the screen flashes around a lot so I decided to trust the “professional” and didn’t try to upstage her. After I got home I opened up the receipt, it said Palco, KS 67657 instead of Parsons, KS 67357. I thought I could have wrote the address wrong even though I double-checked like I always do. Then I remembered; I took a photo of the box before I mailed it, and it revealed that it wasn’t my fault, my address was written correctly and clearly. I suppose when the box gets to Palco, KS, a town of 277 people, they will get confused when they have to put it in PO BOX 274, since I don’t think every person in town has a PO Box. I suppose shipping got messed up on its way there,  but at least there should be no trouble getting it back this time.

I should start buying Pigeons…

11 thoughts on “My Saga of Photography Related Mailing Mishaps

  1. Derek I totally don’t understand how so many things could have happen in such a small time frame, to you! And how a postal service can remain in business, because it can’t just be you (I guess price has much to do with it) . In all my time using postal services, they have only once lost a parcel to Australia (or maybe the customer got it, but wanted it for free-got his refund) and another couple of times that they returned the REGISTERED item back to sender without ever telling me to go pick it up from the office. I had to pay again for delivery like it was my fault and lose considerable amount of time convincing the sender that it wasn’t my fault and I will try to do what ever I can so this won’t happen again. Of course going down to the office every day for 2 weeks, was a lesson for them-they were extra careful with parcels with my name on-and a complete waste of time on my behalf, because I only covered and secured the last part of the trip… But the fact that these are films, unique objects with irreplaceable value, would make me go out of my head. Maybe using a track and trace service (it costs 1.80-2.50 Euros/parcel in Greece), might be a solution.

    • Yes for some reason I am on a roll here. One of the incidence was a mistake of the mail, while one more could have been too. 2 of the are idiotic workers in the post office. Tracking doesn’t do me any good when they punched in the wrong zip code for their bar code stickers since that is what the computer reads. Or when the other person sent me the wrong order inside the box doesn’t help either. Lets hope my “winning streak ” is over!

  2. Hmmmmm…. I’ve been having minor troubles with things originating in Parsons, KS, lately, too. Wonder if they’re going through a difficult time for whatever reason.

  3. I’m lucky … the lab for C-41 is a 15min trip on the train (and £1.99 for develop only); conventional B/W is always done at home; slides (I rarely do them now) go to the Fuji lab, 15 min on the train in the opposite direction. Aren’t I lucky? Last week I got a Contax/Yashica to Leica M converter from Shanghai, less than £20 and post free; it arrived in less than a week – hopefully the results of using it will be a post soon.

    • £1.99 for develop only is not bad really! Ha, so you ” live in the middle of C-41 and E6″ .That’s funny. And I hope you’re going to have fun with the adapter. Are you mounting the C/Y lens on the Leica body or the other way around. I see you’re as much a weido as me, since you think that’s the idea of fun, haha.

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