11th November, 2013

Just doing what I do, with the Retina IIIC.

19 thoughts on “11th November, 2013

  1. The Michigan Theater sign is a gem.

    I spent time in southwest Michigan as a boy as that’s where my grandparents lived in their retirement. The Michigan license plates I remember most were blue and said simply “Great Lakes State.”

    • Yeah for the longest time they are blue. Says great lakes state but still easily identifiable. The new one is absolutely hedious. Its white (some with Horrible photo of the bridge (think poor HDR style color ) and say pure Michigan. They try to put that tag on every damn thing in the state. My other favourite is just a plate saying Michigan on top with water wonderland at the bottom (blue plate yellow words). The Michigan plate used to be easily identifiable among all the states, now that is gone, its no longer special.

  2. Some great ones! And 8-track tapes? Wow this is really back to the 70ies. They never caught up here in Greece, but I have some 20 of them (no machine to play them) as souvenirs of a format lost in time. Mini disc, the RCA CED, Laserdisc, all passed, most of them with little to zero success in Greece. For us it was mainly videotape PAL, and then (laserdisc actually had a small devoted audience) DVD. And from vinyl LPs to CDs.

    • If the shipping is not outrages I could get you and 8 track player to play with, because sometimes I can get them for less than 20$, and make them to work again with minimal efforts. I actually like music (or at least used to) a lot so I am pretty interested in those kind of things. The photo of the 8 track you said is one of the best sounding(highly doubt it will be anymore) and my favourite. I still have it all tangled up in a plastic bag, lol.

  3. South Haven was the power house of the Wolverine conference back in the day. They would roll over my Paw Paw Redskins (’82) every year in high school football. S.H. State Beach was a regular destination during the summer for this native Van Buren County boy. My favorite photo is the pool table shot.

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