I talked to Vassilis the other day and he wondered why I haven’t post anything lately. I didn’t think it was that long ago since my last post until I look at my admin panel – almost a month. Well, I have been shooting. And my excuse is that the photos weren’t very interesting at all lately. But, why should I suffer from looking at boring photos myself? After all this is a blog, and by no means a portfolio, so I decided you all need to ‘suffer’ with me! Way to promote a blog post right?!

  As some of you might noticed those cameras were took with three different cameras, and two rolls of Tri x total. Well, there story goes like this. I supposed a month ago I loaded up a roll of Tri X in a Spotmatic (Yes Margaret Ellen, a Spotmatic!) that I’ve recently acquired. Went outside one morning to found out it did not want to fire correctly in the cold. But no worries! I also brought a Kowa Six (That I’ve been working on) along with me, loaded that thing up with HP5, and to find out the camera would not stop winding till the end of the roll. No worries again! Because a day later I found a Konica FS1 with a Hexanon 50mm 1.4, with a deal nobody can refuse. Well seeing that is the only camera that seemed to work after I put batteries in, I loaded the roll of Tri X in the Konica without further testing right out the store.

  I finished the roll on the Konica, Did some work on the Spotmatic and it passed the arctic test – I let it sit outside on a bench below freezing, go out and fire it on slow speed periodically. I loaded some film in it and mounted on one of my favorite lens, the Pentax SMC 55mm f1.8. However I felt like I didn’t  get anything too interesting, so I decided to spice it up a little bit by unloading the Tri x midroll and transplant it into my trusty Minolta X700 with my ‘brand new used’ Rokkor X 50mm 1.4. Well as you see, that didn’t really spiced things up too much subject wise.

  I finished working on the Kowa Six, it’s fully functional without missing a beat. The camera belong to a good friend of mine in California and he requested me to shoot it before shipping it back. I am still wondering what I am going to do with that ‘gigantor’. It’s a little too big for my taste. Other than that I’ve got a camera that I wasn’t going to tell you guys until I got it all fixed up and run a roll through it. Well why not, I got no interesting photos I supposed I can tell you this interesting secret. It’s a 1935 Fothflex, a German TLR with FOCAL PLANE Shutter, and it comes with a wooden tripod( Tripod available for sale or trade).  There were only two weirdos TLR in history uses focal plane shutter, and I supposed I got one of them. I got everything worked out on that camera except the top silvered mirror for focusing, and I am in process of ‘doing something’ about it – unconventionally, it will save me a lot of money that I do not have that way.

  Lastly, Jim , I found another one of those Olympus Infinity Stylus that you like, so when yours breaks, I got a replacement for you! Or eventually I will just give it away to somebody who wants one.

  Hopefully I will have something more interesting for you before next year! Bye for now and Happy Holidays to Everyone of You!

14 thoughts on “Dig

  1. Boredom is in the eye of the beholder I guess because I like several of these photos.

    I shot the Stylus recently and am awaiting processing of the roll! It was a super easy camera to use. I put expired Kodak Gold 200 in it for giggles.

    • Thank you for finding it interesting.

      But then, if I don’t think it’s interesting, why should I blog it. These are not too bad, but I definitely wouldn’t blog the roll from the Konica only.

      Hopefully you get some good stuff from the stylus! Or i would have to upgrade you to the “date” model to spice it up a little, haha.

  2. Derek what a nice surprise! Most of them are keepers, so you are probably too strict with your choices, which generally I admire, but some times it just gets in the way of seeing things. Glad you posted them and also thanks for the info.

  3. Why do you say that these are not interesting? The way I see it, this kind of attitude towards photography is the right one. You are doing it for yourself, capturing a special part of your life, family, friends, your surroundings…

    These pictures tell me something about the guy behind the camera. They are personal and they share a beautiful part of your life. They are also excellent in a pure photographic way. Clean negatives, excellent framing and exposure, excellent DOF control.

    I’m sorry if my poor English gets in the way but the bottom line is. Some people take pictures of the cat, the house, friends, etc… Others KNOW how to do it. I’m happy you do it on film 🙂

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