Anticipation, Excitement, and Perspective of Film Photography

Kodak Tri X

Kodak Tri X – Like I remember which camera….


  In the last post I mentioned I wasn’t being too productive. But since then I’ve shot two rolls – 72 frames of *potentially* exciting images. However, I am not going to be able to process them until later this week, or even next week.

  The anticipation of waiting to develop the rolls creates excitements. To me, that’s (a lot) more exciting than seeing your photos instantly. The high hopes or the worries you get during this time. The mystery that surrounds it, not able to remember precisely everything you shot. Finally, the longer the time span between when you shot it and when you finally see the images, will cause you to see them in a different perspective. More emotionally detached, instead of being in the moment.

  Obviously, sometimes it goes this route – the higher your hopes are, the harder you fall.  We’ll see.

  And this is my idea of fun.

9 thoughts on “Anticipation, Excitement, and Perspective of Film Photography

  1. I know the feeling. I have four rolls shot and looking to possibly shoot another four in the next two weeks. By time I get to developing my film I’ll be examining it while it dries hoping for some good surprises, like my own Christmas gift to myself. 🙂

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