2013 Photos Review

Selected Photos From 2013!

11 thoughts on “2013 Photos Review

  1. Love that you shoot with old cameras on film. Love the photos. Love the blog. Especially LOVE the photo of the critter (is that a meerkat??) sitting up and slumped over sleeping. I laughed out loud – so awesome.

    • Thank you! And you are absolutely correct its a meerkat taken from the Detroit zoo. I coudnt stopped laughing at it when I was there. So I had to take a photo of it through the dirty glass. And you are probably the first person who found it as funny as I do.

      You have a grey blog as well. Seems like you travel often and have lots of I yeresting shots. Keep the post coming in 2014!

  2. Great, great, great and great! This is a fantastic compilation. Bravo. Hope the new year finds you in such or better creative mood! And most of all thank you for the photos, the blog and time you devote to share them with us!

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