Silver Gelatin Prints – January 2014

  I finally set up my darkroom the other day, after months of hiatus. I printed about 10 different negatives or so in (give or take) three hours. I believe that the print is where film photography shines, and the bigger the better. So my friend asked me “Why do you scan your prints?”

  “Well how else am I going to show them to the world?” I said. I suppose it is kind of conflicting to print it in the darkroom, then scan it for you guys to view it on a monitor.  I tried to make the scans looks like the prints on the monitor, however, everyone’s monitors are different. Maybe one day I will have a show to show the prints to the world. in person. Which, I believe, is better than viewing on a monitor.



  The only papers I have left are 5×7’s. So if anyone has some 8×10 or 11×14 laying around gathering dust, let me know, donations or trading for prints /other things is always welcome. Everything in this post is printed on ILFORD MG-II RC 5×7 and developed with Dektol via a Omega B66 equipped with a Rodenstock Rodagon 50mm f2.8. With help from a Beseler PM2L Analyzer. Everything was shot on Kodak Tri X.


24 thoughts on “Silver Gelatin Prints – January 2014

  1. Excellent work! I completely know what you mean. The negative scanned is nothing. The circle is complete only if you print on paper. And the procedure is so close to mystical and magical. Some of my best moments were spent in a dark room, alone with packs of papers, the not so light scent of the Neutol and Hypam. I rarely if ever use chemical stop bath, usually just water. Alas the circumstances have forced me to put this on hold.

    • Thank you. I feel like I can do a lot more on a print than a scan, and the scan is more less a preview to me to save papers. I rarely use stop bath either especially with RC paper, if I do I’ll just go dilute some white vinegar. Funny, the smell of the developer and fixer never bothers me! But then, I wasn’t trying to stick my nose right next to it.

      • When living in a 40sqmeter house, I used to tell my wife to go to her parents for a couple of days, so I could have the bathroom and the hall at my disposal and I could sleep during the day. My bathroom was so small I had to use every inch and with open door so I could breath a bit. I was used to the smell but it is not so healthy for the kids, so once they came along, I had to stop. And of course the price of silver, everything is imported with heavy taxation and then the crisis, unemployment and the works. I guess if you want something badly, the universe conspires against you…

            • I am assuming all you’re missing is paper and still have your enlarger and trays. When I find some free old paper I should share with you. Don’t worry that might take a while.

              • No, no. I have some paper still, of course long since opened and probably not useable any more. I lack time and I can’t tell my wife and kids that I am going to use our sole bathroom as a darkroom for the next 6-7 hours! 😉 Thank you though! If we were closer, I would have given you the papers, but it isn’t worth the postage…

                • They will have to learn how to knock and you will have to put the paper back in the box 😀 That’s really how i do it. haha.

                  One day when you have the urge to do so, let me know and I shall see if I have anything laying around by then.

                  • it is a bit peculiar, due to their age, leaving their need for last second, so actually no time for even knocking! 😉 Anyway, the fuss it would take is the reason for postponing it all the time. And also that I have only scanned the films for you, and there are 500 more to see the results and decide what’s good to go. Give it time!

  2. I haven’t yet fallen to the charm of printing. I’m afraid to. I know I’d like the results so much I’d want to do it all the time, and my life lacks time and my home lacks darkroom space.

    • Even if you’re not doing it, yet, you should consider collecting the necessary equipments while they are readily available for cheap, before they all got hauled to the dump. Darkroom space? I believe you have a bathroom 🙂 . I’d like to print more often but my budget doesn’t allow me to. Other than that, I do not really know why I should print, because the prints usually never to get see the light of day after that. However I do enjoy the process and all the things this control freak can do to it.

  3. Printing is indeed the final step but I also understand and respect the will to share your work and I’m happy that you do so.

    Share away my friend and don’t let the idea of putting up a show with the “real deal” hanging on the walls gather dust. 🙂

  4. Excellent. And I agree: nothing better than making a real print. That’s where the rubber truly hits the road.

    • I think nowadays people are too used to viewing on screen and forgot the importance or prints. I made sure once every year I go print out all selected 4×6 for good old fashion family albums.

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