January 2014 on Tri X

  This roll of film took unexpectedly long to finish. Getting harder for me to find something interesting to show these day’s, more importantly I am still getting it done I supposed. Here you go Vassilis, I hope this satisfy your hunger. Here is the abstract of last month through my eyes, frozen and suspended on silver.


Leica M2 / 50 Cron DR / Tri X

13 thoughts on “January 2014 on Tri X

  1. Some extra fine images here! The last pseudo panoramic one, is really something! If it weren’t for your caption I would have thought it one frame! We have something like Keno in Greece, but since KENO means “empty” they have renamed it in Kino. Not really hungry, but always room for a nice sweet desert! 😉 Thank you again for this “walk of life”. Really bring the world closer!

  2. At least you got out there in it. The weather has sucked so bad here this winter that I’ve barely shot anything in 2014. I actually opened the fridge and shot the eggs in the door last night just to vent the pressure.

  3. Love the shot with the hands on the table. It really evokes the conversation I imagine them having.
    Maannn I still have 2 rolls of films in 2 cameras that I gotta finish….

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