Lake Michigan, Frozen

  Here in Michigan we don’t necessary hide inside in the winter,  many of us celebrate winter.  Lake Michigan is 80% frozen this year, a rare sight these days, and there are all signs of life on the lake. Taking street photos ON Lake Michigan – I should cross that out on my to do list.

**Walking on frozen lakes can be very dangerous. You never know how thick the ice is beneath you. You could fall through or hurt yourself on uneven terrain masked underneath the snow – especially do not be the idiots who try to walk between the light house (by the river, also known as moving water or current, that doesn’t freeze). I am not here to encourage you to do it, use your head and do it at your own risk. It might be 80% “frozen”, but you never know where is the other 20% scattering around.**

Aires 35 IIIL
Kodak Tri X in XTOL 1+2 Rotary

10 thoughts on “Lake Michigan, Frozen

  1. Scrolling through the analog photographers on wordpress and I saw your very familiar scene posted above. Spending my first winter in yooper territory with all this god-awful white stuff. I’ve only been able to keep myself sane through darkroom work -_- Kudos to you for actually going outside.

    • Hello there from under the bridge :D. Hey don’t think of the white stuff as aweful, think of it as zone VII. I know it s cold out but I am sure you can always find something to photograph. Why not head over to paradise and photograph the water falls? Here’s my motto : I can always put more clothes on in the winter but I can only take so much off in the summer. Anywho, its nice to see a yooper who lives in the dark room.

      • That is a good point. But having just moved from California, I have to wear so many layers that if I fall over I just roll on my back like a turtle until someone picks me up. Like that kid from ‘A Christmas Story’. Everyone is so outdoorsy up here, while I feel like winter just increased my hermit tendencies -_- But that’s no excuse for not getting out with my camera. Maybe I’ll go turtle my way around the backwoods tomorrow. With a life alert necklace. And flares.

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