Water – Winter Wonderland Diptych

Water Winter Wonderland  License Plate


    I always thought “Water – Winter Wonderland” is a better slogan than “Pure Michigan” that they use nowadays. When you cross the state line from Indiana there is a big banner that says “Welcome to Pure Michigan”. I supposed if you cross the state line at Detroit side you will see “Welcome to the Unpure Michigan”? And something else at the upper peninsula? How about our license plates now say (once again) Pure Michigan, instead of simply Michigan on top, where the name of the state is supposed to be. I am not aware that we changed the name of our state. No doubt it’s can be a fine slogan/name for a website or the state tourism agency, example: “A pure Michigan vacation”; “a pure Michigan experience”. However, it sound idiotic when people over use it a lot in contexts that wouldn’t even make sense, such as the state welcome sign.

    Back to photography. I took a photo of the beach high up from the dunes the other day. After I processed the roll of film and saw the particular image, the first thing that pops in my mind was, that would be the perfect counterpart  to one of my favourite photo that I took a few years ago titled “Winter Wonderland”. I found the winter photo and stitched it up with the new beach photo, perfect match I thought, just as good as I saw it in my head. Below is my new vertical diptych, Titled  “Michigan, Water – Winter Wonderland”.

See you at the next blog post.

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