The Long Road Home

Film 1 - 467

Photo of his cracked helmet. Luckily he had no brain injury with humors still intact.


– – -WARNING – –
 – This Post Contains Photos of (Clean and Mostly Wrapped) Wounds –
– Still Viewer Discretion Is Advised –



  A while ago my friend was involved in a motorcycle accident. He broke his leg in many different places,  I am surprised he even got to keep his leg. For those who know me, I usually carry my camera with me everywhere, and the hospital trips were no exception. I decided to make a documentary out of it after the first trip to the hospital to see him. This post contains photographs of him from just after the initial surgeries until he returns home. In spite of the pain, you will see he is constantly surrounded by his friends and loved ones, and, good food. However, I wasn’t able to be with him all the time (unlike some of the other awesome people), so this is really only a fraction of what all went on.

My other choice for the title of this post is  – “This is how I try to get him fat”






I shall continue to photograph him until the day he walks by himself, and make him a photo album, a physical one.

Photographic duties were shared between a Nikon F and a Minolta XE, both with Tri X developed in XTOL.

4 thoughts on “The Long Road Home

  1. This brought back memories of my motorcycle accident 11 years ago. Similar to Jacqueline I was out of it at first, only if someone had brought a camera! He may not appreciate it quite yet, but he will. When it gets tough he can look back and see how far he has come. Great documentary. Thanks for sharing, and wish Jacqui well from me 😉

    • His real name is jake , we worte jacqualine on there to mess with him. He actually read the post and loved it . I was thinking the same way you do , it’s for him when it gets tough he can look back . I will pass your kind words to him , thanks for stopping by !

  2. Great photo essay, man! Several years ago I had a friend at the very same spot. Unfortunately I only had time to visit once or twice and despite having my cameras with me, I was not able to put him through the whole deal. My joke about his ruined helmet was that he had no brain to injure… Now he is up and walking fine but he never bought a new bike again.

    • First of all , hi there stranger ! I think the reason why I got away with photographing him is that he’s been a good friend of mine for a while , he knows I bring my camera with me almost anywhere. So if I actually didn’t take any photos he might actually thinks it’s weird .

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