Tahquamenon Falls, Michigan



  The other week me and my friend took a road trip heading north. We traveled to quite a few spectacular places. One of those places was The Tahquamenon Falls in Paradise (actual name of the town) , Upper Peninsula of Michigan. It had been about 14 years since I’ve been to the falls. I can hardly remember what it looked like, I am very glad I included this destination in our trip, we stayed there from about 5pm until sunset.  I could really camp out there for days if you ask me. I am plenty happy with the results from the fresh Velvia 50, and I couldn’t have done it without the Trenary Toasts, and all the Pasties that I picked up along the way. I would also like to thanks the folks at Dwayne’s Photo, a fine job as usual.


   A Story at the Upper Tahquamenon Fall.

   I was photographing the upper falls as seen in the photo. While I was changing film and location, my friend yelled at me and said “look over there”. I looked and saw a deer running down stream. It stopped and starred right at the end of the waterfall. She stood there looking confused, while all the other spectators were yelling at the deer “turn around”, “get back here”. The deer took one more step and her front legs started to slip. Good thing deer have “four-wheel drive”! She was able to gain traction and back up. She continued to look around her surroundings in each and every direction, who knows what’s really going through her mind at that time. After a few minutes of confusion, she decided to gracefully skip back to the side of the waterfall. We all cheered. Unluckily for me, I did not have the opportunity to photograph this incident. Like Garry Winogrand once said: “There are no pictures when I reload.”. That’s a simple fact, and it didn’t bother me much because it’s all in my memory. Besides, I would have to switch lenses and all the other good stuff to make it a great photo. I weighted my options and decided to enjoy the moment instead.

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7 thoughts on “Tahquamenon Falls, Michigan

  1. Beautiful!…..your usual of course. I hope they were hard to get. It makes the results seem even more rewarding. I took my little Petri color 35 w/ some B&W and a yellow filter out yesterday to get some clouds shots in a long awaited rain,(we’re in a drought here). But on shot # 6 the shutter jammed. Fortunately I saved the info you sent me on how to unjam it. I hope I’m rewarded with one good shot as it doesn’t rain that often. Thanks for sharing.
    Happy trails,

    • Man I hope this won’t be a recurring problem for you . I suggest dry fire continuous for like two rolls after it’s unstuck and see how reliable it is first .

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