Getting Used To A New Film


  I’ve been shooting mostly Kodak Tri X and sometimes other major black and film types for years. Due to me being cheap recently, I got myself some freshly re-branded Fomapan 400. I think I got too comfortable on my own standard developing procedure for Tri X, after all It took me years to perfect it. I’m on the forth roll of Foma and I am still trying to find my groove with this film, it is getting closer to what I want, I am suspecting one or two more rolls of fine tuning and it will be just fine. Ironically, it’s not like it’s the first time I shot Fomapan 400, I had great results from that one roll couple years ago.  Let’s hope my patience does not run out before then.

13 thoughts on “Getting Used To A New Film

  1. Fomapan is actually pretty good stock. I like to shoot with 400 1 stop down and lab it for a 1 stop push to get gritty with the grain. Using a fast lens like 50mm f/1.4 or even a 100mm f/2.8 for me gives more contrast especially at night. You pics look great! Have fun with Fomapan. And have fun tweaking!

    • Yeah I have shot a roll of foma and got great results before. But I am developing these to my usual work flow , so needed tweaking . You are correct , foma hates to be over exposed ( even though I didn’t think I was ) . Thanks for the input !

  2. I like the donkey shot the best, always wanted one but I have minature goats and donkeys can be very mean to goats. My neighbor had one and it thought it was good fun to bite anyone or other critter and then kick his legs in the air and hee haw about it. A question about the peacock shot. I noticed that the background is soft. Is that because of low light and wide aperture or were you going for bokeh?
    Also I bought an old Vito I 35mm and 4 rolls of Tri X 400, expired in 2004 all for $24. The camera is compact and heavy as a brick but I think it works. Will find out this weekend.
    Happy trails,

    • About the donkey shot , didnt really had brokeh in mind , but I wouldn’t mind it of coz . It was actually dim , been raining on and off that day . I think it was some where between f4 to 5.6 . Possible 1/125 or 1/250 .

      Good deal you got on your camera , hope you enjoy it . I have a Vito automatic 1 myself .

  3. u’ve been lazy over the past few months!
    well i’ve been lazier haha…
    btw u wanna try fixing zorki’s? i bought 2 a yr ago but they both hv some problems and by now i can’t really rmb what’s wrong with them haha…. i think one of them has a shutter curtain that’s somehow not aligned (it was when i bought it!)… and the other one has a misaligned rf..?? lemme know! 😛
    P.S. i rmb u asked abt their finder size… they’re big (1:1 i think)… but with not much eye relief…i can’t see the whole finder with my glasses

    • I am lazy ! Not going to make excuses .

      Zorki , what models I forgot . And what do I get ? Since shipping from here to your place is like a million dollars .

  4. zorki 4, with jupiter 50 f2
    if u manage to fix them both u can keep one i guess 😛
    or if there’s anything u want from my pile i might be willing to let go of it… haha
    btw i need to ask u some stupid questions abt how film development… should i just talk abt it here or e-mail u / sth?

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