Not The Greatest Photos, But…

  This is the first time I used my Bausch & Lomb 7″ Rapid Rectilinear f7.7 on my baby crown graphic, other than test shots . While the pose and framing might not be the greatest ,not to mention he’s having a hard time to hold still with the braces on his leg, this particular 100 years old lens is Stellar. I took this lens off a Kodak Autographic 1A (I don’t even remember where it came from anymore), hand-made a lens board to fit over my crown graphic. I think I like this lens better than my 105mm Ektar, but I definitely have to make some sort of dark cloth to cover my head next time I use it.

  Funny I mention this Bausch & Lomb lens to my friends, they all thought I put a contact lens on my camera….

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