Grand Haven Main Pier, Michigan – 1980

   Let’s put our Atari controllers aside for a minute. Go on and plug in that slide projector, aim it on to the white garage door, and travel back to this particular day in the year 1980. These are my new-found slides of Grand Haven Main Pier – Michigan. If it’s not for this roll of film we’d never know any of these particular moments existed, on that day in 1980,  in the way we are going to witness.



   Not sure what camera was used, but that person should had the horizontal travel shutter serviced 🙂
What if… That particular camera (thinking SRT-SC2) is already in my collection?
That’s a thought… but how would I know?


4 thoughts on “Grand Haven Main Pier, Michigan – 1980

  1. Hi Derek. Thanks for the like on my post; it’s good to be back, hopefully in the long term. Not got around to my ‘photo’ blog (grumpytykepix) yet but I will when I get by sorting myself out having ‘retired’ from my employment at the end of October. Love your old pix. Maybe sorting out some of my oldies will be a way to start up grumpytykepix again. However, I have recently been out with my Cosina CX-2 (love it) and OM4, both with B&W. Not yet processed the films – been cooking things to eat rather than to look at. Hope all is well with you.

    • I’ve been thinking about where you disappeared to , I think I emailed you couple months back . It’s great to hear from you again and knowing you’re still shooting . I am doing mighty fine myself . Yes you should sort out your old negatives when you have time in the future , I am sure everyone would love to see them . Take care now !

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