Inside The Occupied Zones of The Umbrella Movement – Hong Kong


  I’ve lots of photographer friends around the world.  One of my good friends, who wishes to remain anonymous, currently resides in Hong Kong.  However, he does not blog or share his photos much.  So we took this opportunity to team up and take a walk with you inside the “occupied zones” of Admiralty, Hong Kong Island and Mong Kok, Kowloon.  Complete with English captions.

Quick Facts

  • For the complete story, please visit
  • The initial movement of “Occupy Central With Love and Peace” was caused by the Chinese central government’s decision on electoral reform regarding future Hong Kong Chief Executive and Legislative Council elections.
  • Police tactics (including the use of tear gas and pepper-spray) and violent attacks on demonstrators by anti-occupying opponents, allegedly including Triad members (Mobsters) and paid volunteers, triggered more citizens to join the protests by occupying streets of Causeway Bay and Mong Kok.
  • It’s called The Umbrella Movement because the unarmed demonstrators used umbrellas and face masks to protect themselves against the police’s tear gas, pepper spray and batons.
  • College and high school students play a large part in the movement.
  • “689” is a nick name of the Chief Executive of Hong Kong given by the citizens, who is commonly known as C.Y. Leung, in reference to the number of votes he received in 2012 when he was elected, from the 1,200-member Election Committee.
  • Occupiers have been known to sing the “happy birthday song”, to ignore anyone who tries to pick a fight (sometimes literally) with them.


Occupy Central – 22nd October, 2014


 Occupy Mong Kok – 30th September, 2014

Please give a round of applause for my friend “Pedestrian A”, not bad at all for a new-comer to photography.

Continue to part two Documenting The Umbrella Movement Afterdark – Hong Kong with film.


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