Inside SS-236 – The USS Silversides

  Went on a road trip a couple of months ago with my friend, but I never put any of the back and white photos up until now. Part one of the road trip, we stopped at the USS Silversides SS236. Now, I’ve been to the submarine quite a few times, since it never ceases to amaze me. I already have a lot of photographs. However this time I decided to photograph things inside the sub a little closer. Usually I’d use a SLR in places like this, but something told me to use my Leica in there.  Shot this on Tri X and developed with XTOL.

8 thoughts on “Inside SS-236 – The USS Silversides

    • I did once , but to get inside that submarine is extra to the already expensive museum entrance fee and the food court , so I never went inside . It’s is impressive how they put that one under the museum . On the other hand the silversides is cheaper , older and its on the water !

    • I don’t think I got many photos of this submarine in color , I guess bw film is more flexible for me in low light . But one day I shall have some colors with me .

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