2014 Photos Review

At the end of each year I’ll do a post and pick out my favorite photos of the year. And here is 2014’s selection.


Uh oh, I just realized I got a bunch of 2014 photos I haven’t blogged yet. I am slacking big time.

11 thoughts on “2014 Photos Review

  1. Hi. An email notification of a new ‘like’ on one of your very old posts (6 Oct 2010) took me to a very interesting read – ‘Why the silver gelatin process?’ 20+ cameras, only black and white, etc, etc. Anything to add/subtract from the list after 4.1/2 years? I guess you’ve got more cameras! 😉

    • You made me read my post! I did 🙂 And I guess I didn’t do too horrible as writing as I imagined. That’s why some times I am scared to read my old post. Haha.

      I guess I might modify the following :
      “Bottom Line, for personal work, film, especially black and white. And use Digital for a quick buck.”

      Nowadays I also uses film for jobs when allowed. More of a challenge. Plus my DSLR is aging a lot faster than my Nikon F in this age.

      I still only develop my own black and white, and print. However I’ve introduced C41, E6 for work. for the E6 slides I especially for my family function. So the whole family can view them on a slide projector after a trip with the E6.

      Any other things that I would add would be on my philosophy page. https://dehk.wordpress.com/philosophy/

      Oh boy, let’s not count cameras. Did i say I had 20+ . I might be up to 50 bodies now (some do not work and for parts). I don’t even want to or know how to count. Most of them are not mint, or mostly not even working when I get them, that’s the only way that I could afford them but no worries, I have a pretty good success rate at fixing them.

      Latest addition was actually a Christmas present. A used Nikon F5. Thinking about that now all I am missing is the F2, F3, and F6, but for me F6 doesn’t count.

      Yesterday I acquired a used HD video camera, eventually I will shoot 8mm or super 8 movies. After all I do have the projectors 🙂 Even a 16mm but need a gear for it yet.

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