Some of you might wonder…

Grand Haven Rail Road Bridge, MI

Grand Haven Rail Road Bridge, MI

  First off this post is not exactly photography related. But some of you might wonder…. where I have been? Well, my excuse is,  I’ve been busy. But don’t worry, I still take photographs here and there. However I have been away from my developing equipments, so I got nothing to show. On the other hand, I picked up a new hobby, shooting and editing videos. Couple weeks ago I’ve acquired a used Panasonic 1080p DV cam for cheap, teaming up with my friends RC helicopter with a GoPro mounted on it, we have been practicing. These last two videos we shot that you are going to see in this post, I am sure you will find them quite “entertaining”.

  P.S. Don’t worry, I am just paving my way for 8mm movie. Funding for shooting those might be tricky.



Now to the rescue mission.


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