Time Travel with Kodachrome

Found some exciting photographs from my slide collection that I decided to share. You just can’t beat good old Kodachrome with the K-14 process. Trust me, if you think they look good on screen, they look even better on a projector screen.


Alright, really. I just wanted to see how this newly cobbled up computer will do on editing. I sure do need some screens though.

10 thoughts on “Time Travel with Kodachrome

  1. Hmmm, I’m beginning to see a pattern in your work, trains, boats, bridges. What’s next, construction equipment? If you’ll come to Arizona I’ll take you to a copper mine where the trucks have tires over ten feet tall, and one load can fill a train car. My fav shot is the first one of the abandon street car. It has as an austere feel to it and the criss-crossing wires almost imprison the car and the building in the back ground. It’s a shame they took our Kodachrome away!
    Happy trails,

    • Hey Steve, I wish I could tell you I took all those wonderful shots. But I didn’t. They are just slides that I collected through the years. I collect many things as long as they are affordable. But as you already noticed they are such sweet photographs, I feel like I have to share them.

      However, yeah I am as interested in trains boats and bridges myself. I will be sure to hit you up if I ever go to AZ again. I’d love to photograph a copper mine.

      It’s a shame indeed, mama didn’t take my kodachrome away, Kodak did!


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