Father and Son

  I got a phone call the other day, my friend wanted to see if I wanted to go help him to fix one of his broken R/C planes. Obviously, after I noticed the plane was in multiple pieces, I had to ask what happened to it. The story goes like this.

   He got this plane couple years ago when he was new to flying RC planes. The plane wasn’t balanced correctly so it saw about 20 seconds of flight time, bent the landing gear and broke the prop when it “landed”. Then somewhere down the line when his dad was carrying it, he dropped it and the wings broke off the body.

  Take a look at the third photo of them staring at the plane after it’s back in one piece, it’s my favourite. His dad came to the pole barn later on to see what we’re up to, a good old father and son time – staring at the plane blaming each other for breaking it.


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