12 thoughts on “Minolta SRT 101 Top Disassemble

    • A dead camera is as good as nothing, I am not the type of ‘it’ll looks good on the shelf’. Apparently, camera wise, if it ain’t broken I can’t afford it. That being said, it’s up to me to see what I can do with it, can’t really make it worst (well…..,,,) if it’s not working right. If I mess it up I won’t feel too horrible as long as the camera itself is inexpensive, and I could always use broken ones as a parts camera.

      I always thought that every camera is a witness to history, and they deserve a second chance.

      But if there’s nothing wrong with it, i’ll try my best to leave it alone. But what are the chances of that 😀

  1. I love your videos, but I would really like to hear your voice in them. I bet you’d have a lot of enthusiasm for taking them apart (as do I) and that could show in your video :-).

    • Actually I seldom speak much when I am working on a camera (or anything else) . I might sing along with the music that I am listening to if that. However, If i actually start talking for the video, I imagine I’ll repeat “oh don’t mess this up this is on tape….. I don’t wanna edit any of that that’s extra work so just don’t messed up” Or I might actually have to script it so I don’t sound stupid or repeating myself. I will consider a talk for the next video though, thanks for the support.

      • I completely understand. I made a video about a Hasselblad SWC and watched it with my brother who constantly said, “That’s incorrect…That’s incorrect…That’s incorrect…”

        Of course I edited it. But whatever. I just wanna ramble about passions of mine.

        Also, if you don’t talk so fast or if you make a general point and then have a slight pause, you can have cut scenes. So that helps if you want to re-do something.

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