Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Film - 661

Sylvan Esso at Milwaukee Summer Fest 2015

  Me and the lady went over to see Sylvan Esso at Milwaukee’s Summer Fest. Obviously the other part of this trip is to take some photos. Alright, let’s talk about Milwaukee for a bit. This is the first time I went to Milwaukee and first impression? Friendly, people just get along. Besides that, well the city is filled with historical building and photo opportunities. As you can tell I can’t stop photographing the Mitchell Building and the Grain Exchange at the corner of Water and Michigan Street. Apart from that, they have some good restaurants around. Interestingly, all of our waiters and waitress were so good and confident at their job. I mean, when you ask what a dish is they can clearly describe it to you without missing a beat as if they have just tasted it themselves, comparing to my usual experience “errr let me go ask the kitchen…. I’ll be right back”.  In a way, those people made me feel good about this town also. We were only going to stay there for one night, but it ended up two.

  Sylvan Esso gets on stage at the summer fest at 10:00pm that night. We got done eating at Maxie’s around what, 5 , 6 o’clock in the afternoon and started heading over to summer fest. We got to the parking lot for our parking pass at about 8:30pm. Traffic was horrible, must have been the whole town want to enjoy the firework by the waterfront. Little do we know, by the time we got to the parking lot, the attended told us that this parking lot had been full for quite a while already, so they are going to send us to the overflow lot. Well, from that parking lot we were supposed to be in to the overflow is probably only 1/3 miles away, but that took us at least an hour. During the journey to the overflow lot, we had our doubts if we are going to make it to the concert on time. We got lucky with 20 minutes to spare. However by the time we got in all the seats were filled, so I couldn’t get a good photo of them really, except the for one, the only one. That would be the photo above. We also brought the Sylvan Esso self titled coke bottle LP with us hoping that we might be able to get it autographed, well that didn’t happened but hey, I get to photograph. Just when we were ready to leave, the most amazing thing of the night happened. I think the so-called over flow lot was originally for VIP’s and such, so on the way out we get to go straight on the highway (LITERALLY) and get out-of-town. Even though it’s not exactly the correct route, we still saved about two hours of traffic to get back to the hotel room, in the elevator we met someone who left when the firework was done.

  The SRT 101 and my set of 28, 50, and 135 Rokkor X did all the work, completed with ‘fake’ HP5+ and Rodinal.

o.m.g. a real blog post I wrote, been too long.

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