Michigan and Water, Milwaukee

Intersection of Michigan Street and Water Street. Milwaukee, Wisconsin 4x5 Speed Graphic / 320 TXP

Intersection of Michigan Street and Water Street
Milwaukee, Wisconsin
4×5 Speed Graphic / 320 TXP

  This is an update of a previous post. Like I said before, since I do not have a 4×5 scanner, last time I stitched the two halves with a program, for some reason it had odd and uncorrectable distortion. Other than that, I have this brand new used 24″ monitor on loan(comparing to the 17″ that is my secondary now), the images looks very different from the old monitor, basically it made the photo I edited on my old monitor looks very bad, so I guess I will try to follow the newer monitor in the mean while. I re stitched these 2 halves of the 4×5 negative by ‘hand’ this time, and re edited on the new monitor.

  And Here is what I wrote on the original post: “I don’t have a 4×5 scanner, so I scanned two halves of it and try to stitch it back together (if you notice the weird distortion). Downtown Milwaukee is home to many historical buildings, even though I knew it was going to be quite time-consuming, I’ve convinced myself to set up the 4×5 large format. And it was worth it. “

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