Apparently an Olympus OM mount SLR is one of the most difficult cameras for me to ‘collect’. I got a Rolleiflex and a Leica (did, loaner) before I get to use the OM system. Weird huh? Anyways this is me trying my hands on an OM-PC with a Zuiko 50mm 1.8. I’ve already seen “the viewfinder is so big you feel like you gonna fall in” – which is true, now lets see the famous “OTF – Off The Film” metering system with the allegedly good Zuiko lens.

9 thoughts on “OM-PC

  1. Cool post, nice shots! I love the OM system and I think the lenses are great. However, I recall years ago reading a book called “Collecting And Using Classic Cameras” by Ivor Matanle where Mr. Matanle said something like the OM lenses weren’t as sharp as other manufacturers (I think Nikon, Leica), but that the OM lenses had such great contrast as to give the appearance of being very sharp. I’m not going to argue with the man, but I think the OM lenses have a distinctive look just like Leica or Contax lenses have a certain look, which is a subjective thing. I prefer such lenses over lenses with perfect clinical sharpness. Have fun and post more results if you can.

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