Point and Shoot

Got a duplicate of a Olympus epic stylus, so I designated the copy with the messed up view finder to be my beater. The beater camera goes with me to all the random places that I wouldn’t normally bring a camera, for example – work. My black and white 135 film supply is running dangerously low, that would explain why these were taken with Pan F 50 and Neopan Acros 100, usually I’d save those film for “better” things. Everything here was literally point, and shoot. It doesn’t really bother me without all the extra control, except for the inherited problem with the camera, that i have to turn the flash off before most shots.

6 thoughts on “Point and Shoot

    • Theoretically, Tri X 400 135/36, if budget allows, that’s rare nowadays. I used to shoot the Arista Premium 400, which is essentially Tri X, but that’s been discontinued. I tried out their rebranded Foma, it’s horrible. So I been shooting ultrafine xtreme 400 again instead, which I just found a roll this morning and it’s loaded in an old Minolta point and shoot.

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