Kodak Is Bringing Back Super 8



Here’s news that worth mentioning. Kodak hasn’t made any Super 8 cameras since the early 80s, and they are bringing them back, even comes with a LCD screen and HDMI out (I don’t know what for). Looks like they are going back to their old business model. You shoot it, they process, scan and send it back to you. It cost about $50-75 just for processing a 50ft roll cartiage. I’m game, that is if I can find the money to afford to shoot it often. What are your thoughts?

18 thoughts on “Kodak Is Bringing Back Super 8

  1. meh. I didn’t love Super 8 back in the day, so I’m not all that excited now. But Kodak has obviously put a lot of thought into this, so maybe they know something I don’t.

  2. Totally into it. My ability to buy one might depend on whether or not it falls closer to the $400 side as opposed to the $750 side, but looking at the features there are plenty of things it does that my Canon 1014XLS doesn’t do, which is a bit surprising considering Kodak’s never been considered a top-of-the-line camera manufacturer. I think probably the biggest (possibly game-changing) feature is integrated crystal sync, something almost no super 8 camera has, and will much simplify shooting sound.

      • Well, if Kodak will be running its own service developing/scanning with film included for $50-75, that’s a big start. At least that’s what I’ve read elsewhere about what they’re trying to do. Right now it’s costing me $125 including the film, and doesn’t include shipping.

          • Thanks, it’ll be online when it’s all done. https://resurrectedcamera.wordpress.com/2016/01/09/a-budget-for-super-8-film/
            I’ll be making updates as I go along through the process, and this will be my first time shooting super 8, though I’ve been doing much research on the subject over the last few years. $125 is just a nice round number which includes a reel of film, processing, and scanning, since most places I’ve found seem to be around that price. In reality I’m sure you could find better deals by shopping around, but Kodak’s price, even on the high end, seems like a damn good bargain to me.

            I can’t remember right now, but you live in one of the Great Lakes states, don’t you? Unfortunately you’d have to ship out film for processing anyway, so you might want to check out Pro8mm’s price offerings. It’s a bit tricky looking at them all, but it seems like there’s not a whole lot of difference between buying their complete packages or just process/scan. And as always, the more you get done at one time, the price per unit goes down. I also know B&H sells processing packages from Pro8mm, but I’d stay away from them, they’re just SD scans.

            I had to read up just a bit to confirm it, but yes, it looks like it’s a complete package deal for that $50-75, so film, processing, AND 4K scan. Damn. I wonder if that includes the mailer as well! http://www.engadget.com/2016/01/09/kodaks-super-8-is-an-old-school-throwback/
            So Kodak will also offer online FTP for digitized footage instead of making you buy a hard drive, making the whole thing as expedient as possible in this digital age, and the price is so extremely competitive. In fact, considering that they make the film and chemicals themselves, this might be the equivalent of wholesale prices.

            • Yes I do live in the great lakes area. Hmm, good point, i remember reading about making me buy a harddrive. But i do have a splicer and projectors. And you said 4K scans? From Super 8? That’s interesting! Yeah man I can’t wait to see your results.

  3. I have to start out with a mention that I worked for Kodak until 2003. From my perspective this is a variant on APS. That was processed and scanned too and it was supposed to enable Kodak to transition to digital at some point but failed.

    I think that provided you can get processing done somewhere other than Kodak and someone else starts making cartridges it may have a enough of a niche market to keep going if Kodak decides to stop. If it is fully dependent on Kodak, then $400 seems to be a risky investment.

    I’m guessing the HDMI out enables the camera to display video on a monitor or TV. It would be interesting if the unit could record and dump high res video out though…

    With projectors there are plenty around but choose carefully as globes may be tricky to get.

    • Thanks for stopping by, its nice to hear their perspective from someone who used to work at Kodak. Yeah, that APS, was a total scam trying to make more money, nothing is wrong with 35mm. I guess from another reader he said processing and developing nowaday cost over 100 bucks, so if it really is 50-80 to process a roll I guess that would be the advantage. But then like you said, it is a niche market.

      • The core issue is that to get processing costs down there has to be a large volume automated process in place and ideally, there should be more than one player in the market to create competition and push prices down.

        It does not look like Kodak will open this up to competition but that may be too early to call.

  4. I never shot this, but I know a guy who loves this format, I will send him your link! I think anything retro that’s coming back is super cool and I might give it a try, thanks!!

  5. Extremely 8 is higher top quality . The powerful variety for a begin far surpasses Hi-8. It is nice to have a super 8 cameras to use.it really have an excellent scanning function, may be its expensive but it really work.I am a videographer, visual artist.For the last 4 decades, i’ve use different kinds of manufacturing devices,an have manage different kinds of media. But Kodak is the quickest and a easier .

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