It has been a while since I blogged, how is everyone?!  I have been busy at the home front, and busy selling on ebay as I stated in the previous post. I am having moderate success, good enough I ordered 15 rolls of ultrafine xtreme 400 without crying. So, currently I am holding a OM2N and OM1N hostage, even though both of them are supposed to be for sale. And I took both of them for a spin on different occasions with the same zuiko 50mm f1.8.. Oh right I am selling my OM-PC that I have used in a previous blog post if anyone is interested, it’s black did I mentioned!? I figured if I have to make an excuse to keep the OM1 or 2, the OMPC should go, if you are my reader do let me know I am willing to negotiate. I do not advertise my blog on ebay, but vice versa, I try to keep it separate but if my readers need anything I am here to help! But I better stop for now and without further to do, lets see some photos. OM2N was taken at Federik Meijer Garden in GR with Fuji Neopan Acros 100, and most of the OM1N was taken at John Ball Zoo in GR with Ultrafine Xtreme 400, both developed in Rodinal 1+50 Rotary. By the way, I heard Jim Carrey is moving to Grand Rapids, Michigan. that’s pretty cool I thought. Damn it would be great if I can photograph him eh? Fat chance…. Oh one more thing to babble, I think I actually enjoy photographing the items for ebay, even tough I should really look for my Vivitar 285……

It sure is nice to find time and have material to blog again. HELLO WORDPRESS!
Man I need to shoot more often, as a matter of fact I actually still have film that is undeveloped.

13 thoughts on “OM1N + OM2N

        • Black and white I prefer using film. And film I prefer black and white because it’s cheaper and I can develop myself easier. I do love color film too but I can’t afford . need a new (used) DSLR too but once again funding is an issue. There are other priorities unless I win a lottery !

          • I agree, but I’m a sucker for black and white. It always makes me feel a lot more for some reason!

  1. Welcome back to the land of the living! Oh wait, you’ve always been living. Just not under the Internet microscope. Well, anyway, welcome back! 🙂

  2. Good to see your post. I’ve been neglecting my blog – too much going on. BUT – I have been shooting and am almost caught up on developing. I predict a new post from me soon, er, soon-ish. I haven’t shot with any of the classic Olympus cameras, but they are on my list. Meanwhile, I have an OM-10 on the shelf begging for attention. And I need to check out your Ebay store. I applaud you for that effort. Unfortunately I have a chronic case of GAS (Gear Acquisition Syndrome), and it causes me great anxiety to let go of any these wonderful pieces of photographic history. They’re just too much darn fun!

    • Thanks for the warm welcome back. I am looking forward to your blog posts. But i won’t hold you to it cause I know how that goes, same here! You should try out the OM system, my friends always says “The mirrors are so big you think you are falling into the viewfinder”, ok that’s a bit exaggerated, however it is huge, and I found that If i keep both my eyes open with camera on one side, I can see through both eyes perfectly without any difference! Thats very odd. And last, yeah I know what you mean with GAS, all the cameras coming in I should sell, I was thinking about keeping them, and thats the reason why the OM1 and 2 are currently held hostage.

  3. Love your site. Great photos too. I’ve been a Minolta fan for 35 years, a Nikon fan for about five, now Olympus. I shunned Olympus forever. I hated the OM-10 my aunt had when I was a kid. It just felt cheap. Last month I bought a really clean OM2n from a guy on CL for just $20, two days later on LetGo, a nice OM2sp for $30, and the following week another OM2sp on FB Mkt. for $25. Each came with the 50mm f1.8, one of which is the Made in Japan version. I’ll probably sell one of the SPs, but I love the 2n and the spot meter and mirror lock-up on the SP is really sweet. I bought a Tamron Adapt-All ring for OM so I can use my stable of AdaptAll lenses on them. I’m beginning to see why people love their OMs.

    • Thanks for your kind words. Yeah I have a couple OM here, the SLR bodies are great, I only have the 50 1.8 for them and I am not too impressed with them. By that I don’t mean they are bad at all. I haven’t come across any better lens for a bargain price for me yet. But I am glad you enjoy them, those big mirrors are nice! Ah, SP, i have a parts on here only, so I never tried it. But i do like the 35RC and LOVE the original XA. It’s so small and convenient.

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