KODAK 2238 in OM1N Still Camera and Rodinal

 My friend got me two rolls of KODAK Panchromatic Separation Film 2238 for me to mess around with. The first roll was a disaster, but that was the camera. Well, specifically, the sticky aperture’s fault. Now the truth comes out with the second roll. It CAN be beautiful, but I will also show you when it doesn’t. It was developed in Rodinal 1+50 Rotary. I decided to shoot this as 25ASA / ISO in the OM1N. I do quite like the idea of a ISO25 film since ADOX’s CHS25 is discontinued. Maybe I will get more, but, obviously, this film is not going to be as bullet proof as Tri X. Well, the next test rolls are even going to be weirder, another Kodak Motion Picture related film that is rated at ISO 6. It feels like I am shooting with darkroom paper.

When It (We) Works


When It (We) Doesn’t Work

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