4×5″ Game Time Saddle Mate

  Last month one of me and my kid’s many bike adventures landed me in a little park in the neighborhood. The park’s location is quite unique, at least it is for me, and I thought it’s the perfect little park, something out of Pleasantville or something. This little park is located in the middle of a U-shaped road, where you see houses on each side back to back, but all of a sudden there’s a narrow, empty lot and that’s where the park is at, connecting both side of the ‘U”. The park has been there for a while I can tell, but it’s kept up nicely. There were metal slides, swing sets with rigid seats, a merry-go-round, benches, and some “spring rides”. Quite frankly, when I got to the park, I thought I was a kid again. Those were the familiar sights I remember from when I was a kid. Besides the slide, the things that caught my eye the most were the spring rides, especially the “Chicken” or someone else had to argue with me and say its a Toucan, or someone else had to chime in and say its a pelican. Anyways, The “CHICKEN” was the one thing I remember riding when I was a kid, and far as I can remember, or imagine quite vividly, it’s the exact same kind. Well I’ve been talking about it for about a month that I need to go photograph the “CHICKEN” with a 4×5 camera. Well, I finally got around to it today, rode my bike over with a speed graphic and a Schneider 150mm f5.6 with Tri X Pan 320, developed with Rodinal 1+50 Rotary. I hope these photographs will make you feel the same as I do.

TXP320 4x5

I vaguely remember asking my dad what I am riding when I was a kid. And I remember the answer “a chicken”.
So, I am going to continue to call it a Chicken.


TXP320 4x5
If my kid ask me what this is, my reply would be “Rabbitfoxbambi”. I am prepared, except he might be a lil’ old for that question.



TXP320 4x5I’ve never seen that one, or did I..


Behind the Scenes.

Think I gotta buy one of those and put it in my backyard. Or, big prints of these side by side somewhere in my house.

12 thoughts on “4×5″ Game Time Saddle Mate

  1. Your photos made me feel a little bit giddy, and charmed, and happy — all at the same time. You have a gift, to be able to see everyday objects like these that everyone else walks past, and to find such personality in them! Add to that your hilarious descriptions (“chicken,” and “rabbitfoxbambi”), and you’ve started my day off with a huge smile. Thank you for all of that.

  2. How cool that you can go back here. The playground at my elementary school would be this kind of place for me, except that it was removed in a renovation of the school a few years ago, and a new playground built in a new location.

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