A Super 8 Encounter


A short story. I went out with my Super8 camera for the first time loaded with Kodak Tri X 7266 (how can you go wrong with that?) the other day. First stop was at Subway for lunch. Right as I walked in there was a gentleman with his family eating at the table in front of me, and my camera caught his eye. The Conversation went roughly like this.

 Gentleman: “Wow, is that an old movie camera?”
Me: “Yes, It’s an older Super 8.”
Gentleman: “Does it use film?”
Me: “Yes.”
Gentleman: “Ah lots of people nowadays like the film look; do you like film better?”
Me: “Well, I mean I have projectors for it already, and I thought it would be fun for the family to watch a film with the projector.”
Gentleman: “Yeah that’s cool, what are you filming anyway? You can be like Buster Keaton.”
Me: “Why Buster Keaton? I do know who you are talking about, the silent film actor, he’s funny.”
Gentleman: “Buster Keaton used to come up here every summer, he used to stay at The Bluff and hang out there all the time.”
Me: “Really! now that’s news to me.”
Gentleman: ” See you should take your camera around town, if anyone ask, you just tell them you are Buster Keaton’s nephew!
*Both Chuckle…*

That’s quite an interesting conversation, and no wonder I have a super 8 movie of Buster Keaton I acquired from a local thrift store, recently. That is starting to make sense. Remember, if anybody asks, I am Buster Keaton’s nephew!

Update: I found the marker.


10 thoughts on “A Super 8 Encounter

  1. Oh my gosh, I remember Sankyo electronics. I always thought it was one of the cheap knockoff brands, but this camera looks pretty serious.

    I’ll bet you totally pass for being related to Buster Keaton. 😉

    • To be honest, when I looked at this camera at the thrift store, it says Sankyo, All i could think of is that one Simpsons episode where they make fun of the knockoff brands – SORNY, PANAPHONICS, MAGNET BOX. Well I looked at it and it does have a 1.2 lens, held in my hand nicely, power zoom, micropirsm (not working) and even sound recording (they don’t make super 8 with magnetic strip anymore). Obviously I wouldn’t know if it works, so I took a gamble for a small fortune of 6 bucks. Well its not perfect after I checked it out at home, but seems like it should record just fine (lets hope). I always wanted to try motion film cameras, and nowadays super 8 seem to be the cheapest option, relatively. And after all, i do have the projectors.

  2. Great story! Some of my best family memories include sitting by noisy projector in the dark. I always loved the sounds of home movie watching: the projector motor, the clicking of the film being loaded, and the film at the end of the rewind – flap, flap, flap, flap, flap. Ahh, good times. Great camera there, too, btw!

    • Thanks for stopping by again Steven, its always nice to hear from you. I am glad to hear that some of your best family memories were by the noisy projector in the dark. As for myself, i never had the privilege of doing that in my house, nor watching slide projections. But, i got the idea of imaging if I did when I was a kid, and from movies and hearing stories from people like you. So even at this “digital’ age. I am trying to do the slide and movie projections for my family, and maybe, one day in the future my kids will remember what their goofy dad would do to try to get a smile out of their face or make a lasting impression. But most likely for now, they are probably thinking ” yeah my dad is weird, obviously he knows how to use his DSLR and DV cams, but he have to use those weird film cameras, that’s too much work ”

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