Miss Purple Heart Pin Up Girl Contest 2016 – Ravenna MI with Velvia 100F

  Last month, in August, I got asked twice to help out in an event – The Miss Purple Heart Pin Up Girl Contest, Car Show, & Fair! First, I was asked to photograph, then I was asked to be the DJ / Sound Guy. Well, seeing it was for Old Tim‘s shop and I got asked twice, I figured I better help out. It is the first year we did this. Even so, the event looked legit, we just need more people! Well, next year it will be busier. There were quite a few volunteer photographers there and while I was the DJ/Sound guy, I figured I’d let the other photographers do most of the job. However, I did snap a few with the Yashicamat 124G that Tim left me, along with other cameras. I even had to bust out my E6 Velvia 100F. I am looking forward to do it again next year. I did earn a new title – DJ Kong – they made it up for my intro/thank you.

One thought on “Miss Purple Heart Pin Up Girl Contest 2016 – Ravenna MI with Velvia 100F

  1. Thanks for the ‘like’ on my Christmas post; good to ‘meet up’ again. I haven’t yet caught up on my photo plans on ‘grumpytyke’ after a long absence but I did briefly on the other site I’ve returned to after a similarly long absence, blipfoto. I posted there about them on Christmas Eve:
    where I’m ‘Realgrumpytyke’. Hope you can see that.
    I’ve more or less suspended posts on ‘grumpytykepix’, from which I followed you, and will integrate any photo stuff on ‘grumptyke’ so will now follow you from there.
    Happy New Year!

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